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09 March 2015

O is for Owl

toilet paper roll crafts

The Letter O is for Owl is one of the easiest crafts I have had my preschoolers make. I wanted to make sure that they could be successful at doing it so, instead of using this craft for a lesson in  paper cutting, I pre-cut the wings and other pieces myself: wings, feathers, eyes and beaks. 

Don't worry, this lesson is educational. There is PLENTY of learning for them to do, as you can see. Each child looked at the sample owl that I made and modeled theirs accordingly. They had to identify what was a wing or a feather. Those shapes are very similar. They used their creativity in selecting colors and placement of pieces. And, take a look -- everybody's craft looks like an OWL! Yipee!
Toilet paper roll owls made by preschoolers - ages 3 & 4.

In addition to the craft, we gave our students a letter matching game to do. My students are still learning their upper case letters (we only meet once a week or they'd be learning some lower case by now) and the matching owls are lower case. So, I printed the free owl matching pages made by Jennifer Hier on Teachers Pay Teachers and made my own little capital-letter owls for them to match.

O is for owl preschool craft; toilet paper roll craft

O is for Owl
Toilet Paper Craft

Empty Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls
Colored Copy Paper
Child-safe scissors
Gluesticks and/ or Elmer's Glue
Free printables for beaks, wings, feathers and eyes (below)

Pinch two sides of one end of the cardboard toilet paper roll to make "owl ears."
Print owl eyes on white card or cover stock.
Print beaks page on yellow or orange copy paper
Print wings and feathers page on a variety of colors of copy paper.*
*An alternative to that would be to print on white copy paper and have the child color the parts in with crayons or markers.
Cut the eyes, wings, feathers and beaks out.
Glue all the pieces on the toilet paper roll.

Tip: use Elmer's glue to attach the wings. Gluestick works fine for the other pieces and takes less drying. Your child will have to press the glued pieces with her hand for a minute to make sure that it sticks.

Free Printables for O is for Owl Preschool Craft

This little girl is just 3 1/2 years old and look at her owl! Wow!

Owls made by kids!

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One thing that I did not do was to show them a video. I love to go on You Tube and find short videos to enrich the lesson. There are some great owl videos but they were all too violent for tender young 3 and 4 year olds. Owls are great hunters and amazing to watch -- every film showed it -- but my little ones would have nightmares seeing sweet little bunnies and mice carried away to be an owl banquet!

Owl's in Children's Books

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