Ducks 'n a Row: Pinterest Tip - Which Of My Photos Have Been Pinned?

06 March 2015

Pinterest Tip - Which Of My Photos Have Been Pinned?

There is no doubt about it, Pinterest is a huge source of blog traffic. Use compelling photos in your posts and you are almost sure to increase readership exponentially as a result of this powerful tool. But which of your photos are being pinned most often?  Who pinned them? How many times? 

At first, these questions were not all that important to me. I was just thrilled to see my readership growing and much of that growth was coming through Pinterest. So, I studied how to make my photos more "pinteresting", put the tips into practice and they worked. But then there were some strange results that were a puzzle to me. I can't say that I understand them even now but it started me on a search to get some answers.

First, I found that my post "Peach Cobbler" was drawing consistently huge following. What totally puzzled me was the photo that was being pinned. It is a picture of BISQUICK. I mean it. The box! I still don't know why. My other photos in the post are prettier. They may not be my best ever but still they look better than the box. But the box got the pins! 

Then, my E is for Elephant preschool post became my weekly most popular post though it was first published over a year ago. I did write a very good Google+ post that uses popular keywords but it appears that most of the new traffic has come from Pinterest! It has been pinned well over 4000 times! 

So here are two methods I used to the bottom of the mystery (kind of) and I want to share them with you. Stick with me to the end ... I am taking a quick little poll you can answer in the comments about what YOUR favorite social media is.

Tip #1 - Find Out Which Of Your Images Have Been Pinned The Most
You can see which images from your website have been pinned by using this URL:

Just plug in your blog url at the end and all of a sudden you will see many pins, all from your blog. You will see WHO pinned them, too. I was amazed at the bloggers that I revere but don't hear much from who were very busy PINNING my posts! Made me wish I could send them all a "thank you" note but there were so many of them. Instead, I will be remembering them to return the favor whenver I can.   

Tip #2 - Find Out How Many Times a Post Has Been Pinned
This one is very revealing. This is where I found out that my E is for Elephant Post was pinned 4317 times  and my Peach Cobbler post has been pinned 1753 times. It didn't tell me exactly which photo on each; it gives a total. Still great information.

Go to this URL:  
and then enter the URL of the specific post you are researching. It's free. 

Don't lost track of this information. 
so that you can find it again!

Now, let me ask you:
Which social media tool do you find most valuable? 

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