Ducks 'n a Row: Preschool Craft: O is for Olympics

12 March 2015

Preschool Craft: O is for Olympics

By Sinea Pies

My preschoolers are such a sweet group. As you know, no two 3 or 4 year olds are alike. Each time we do a new project, I anticipate what I will see. 
  • Aliyah is a perfectionist. She takes her time to get every detail right. Due to her deliberacy, we often have to wait for her to finish up. 
  • Caleb goes for accuracy. He wants his project to look just like mine or like the real thing, such as when we did our lion craft. He didn't want the mane to be orange and yellow. A lion's mane is brownish-tan and that is exactly how his looked. (Beautifully done, I might add.) 
  • Evan takes everything on with gusto. He had glue all over the page before he noticed that it should only go on the ringed outline of the "O". No worries. Glue dries and he had fun. 
It was letter "O" week. Though logic said "O is for Owl" was the way to go, Katie, my assistant, said "No, we HAVE to do the Olympics!" She had a great idea.

Our craft was something I found pictured on Pinterest. Don't you just love Pinterest? It is like visiting the World Library of Ideas.  We glued Fruit Loops™ onto a page to form a letter "O" as well as completing the Olympic rings. 
This is the template I used.

How'd it go? After 14 weeks with my students, I have come to know them pretty well. If I gave them ALL the cereal at once, those rings would never have been made. Katie agreed.  Rings first, big "O" later.

So, I came in prepared with snack-size zip bags, one of each color. I called upon my "Teachers Helpers"  to go around and leave one piece with each of their fellow students.  

Everyone carefully glued them into the Olympic rings. Not all of the rings were the right color but, no biggie, this is preschool! When I heard the familiar "Teacher, I need more Fruit Loops" it was time to give them the rest of their cereal. It worked very, very well. 

Letter O, O is for Olympics
Busy little hands making their "O's"

preschool craft, preschool Olympics craft, Fruit Loops craft
The finished product!  Pretty, huh?

Fruit Loops™ cereal
"O" template printed on card stock
Elmer’s® glue
little cup for the glue
cotton swabs

Squirt some glue into a small cup. 
Using a cotton swab, dab the rings of the Olympic symbol with glue and attach a piece of cereal in each.
Now, rub glue onto the big "O" and attach cereal all around. 
Some children will go "multi color" and others may want to separate it into groups of color.

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O is for Olympics Preschool Lesson

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