Ducks 'n a Row: Bacon - Getting It Out Of The Package

26 April 2015

Bacon - Getting It Out Of The Package

Love bacon? Hate it when it shreds as you try to take each slice out of the package? 

Of all the foods I love the most, bacon has to be top of the list. Bacon and eggs. BLT's - either bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches or salads. Bacon wrapped scallops on the grill. Juicy bacon burgers with swiss cheese. The list goes on and on.

Not long ago, I discovered an almost painless way to prepare a whole pound of bacon at one time. Oven frying. Easy and cleanup is a breeze. (Did I mention that I hate cleaning up skillets?) Now that I know this easy way to cook it, I make bacon much more often.  How to Cook Bacon in The Oven

PROBLEM:  I had been finding that the bacon was not coming out of the package properly. Parts of the pieces were clinging to the others, causing them to pull apart in strips and shred. Who wants tiny slices of shredded bacon? Not me!

So, my dad and I were passing the time one day watching our favorites on Food Network when they shared this neat little trick. I tried it. It works! Here is  the right way to get bacon out of the package in perfect strips.

Cooking Tip: How To Get Bacon Out Of The Package
  1. Do NOT open the plastic package.
  2. Hold the package with both hands one long-side of the package.
  3. Roll it into a roll, just like rolling up a newspaper.
  4. Unroll it.
  5. Now, cut the package open and gently remove each slice.
Perfect, every time.

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