Ducks 'n a Row: Five Minutes to a Clutter Free Home

24 April 2015

Five Minutes to a Clutter Free Home

How out of control is your home? Should somebody call FEMA to come clean up the disaster? Or should you go straight for the demolition crew, tear it all down and start over!

Don’t let home organizing get your down. Start where you are now, no matter how dismal it looks, and take baby steps to freedom!  

“You can do anything for 15 minutes.” That encouragement from Marla Cilley, the FlyLady. It is her theme song!

Take just 15 minutes – even as little as 5 minutes – per day and clear a space to the worst room in the house. You know, the room that is so cluttered you’d be embarrassed for anyone to see it. Just work your way in, clearing clutter as you go, for five minutes a day. Do it faithfully for a month and see the transformation. It’s simple and it works!

Marla encourages the use of a timer so that you don’t get caught up. When the timer rings, you’re done! Move on to the next task at hand, one of which might even be some special time for you! Read a book, take a brief cat nap, catch up on your emails. Relax for a few minutes. You deserve it!

The FlyLady is popular because her no-pressure approach to organizing, cleaning and decluttering is so simple. Simple, and fun! “Baby steps”, that’s all it takes.

Another five minute technique: the Bathroom Swish and Swipe  My friend, Paula,  has been a FlyLady fan for years. “I love it all, especially when I keep on track. I always do the bathroom swish and swipe. Keeps the grunge and yuck at bay.”

The “Swish and Swipe” is a five minute “fly through” in the bathroom before you leave the house in the morning or start your daily routine. Quickly swish the toilet and sink, swipe the mirrors and you’re done!

One of my other FlyLady enthusiast friends,  Kristen,  says “The things that I have stuck with the most over the years are the shiny sink, the bathroom wipe down, and the 5 minute declutter. These are things I still do almost daily.”

As a high school principal, Kristen leads a very busy life. “The 5-minute declutter and using sticky notes have definitely helped me at work, too. I open my mail at the garbage can both at home and at work, and have a designated place for bills, keys, etc. It is amazing how these little things have made such a big difference.”

So, find your TIMER…get ready, get set, GO! 


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Photo credits:
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