Ducks 'n a Row: S is for Spring Preschool Craft

03 April 2015

S is for Spring Preschool Craft

By Sinea Pies

painting spring flowers with tempera paints using forks #spring #preschoolcraft

This Letter S is for Spring preschool craft is so easy to make that your kids will love it. No frustration - guaranteed success! 

Whenever we do a new craft in my classroom, I try to bring a sample for my students to see to give them some idea of where we are headed. It never stifles their creativity. Each and every painting is totally unique, which I love!

When I started my sample copy, I was confident that I had everything I needed to do the job. What I hadn't recognized was that my little tempera paints, purchased from The Dollar Tree, had gone dry. Well, almost dry. I had no transportation that day, so I couldn't go buy more,  and I was up against the wire time-wise. So, I poured a little water in the paints, let them sit, and then blended them with a craft stick. It worked! My painting is pictured here:

This picture was made by me, the teacher, as a sample for my students to see.

Plastic forks are your paint brushes for the petals.

Spring crafts for preschoolers; letter S is for Spring
Three paintings of tulips made by preschoolers, using plastic forks and tempera paints.

Spring Fork-Painting Picture

Card or Cover Stock
Small Paint Brush
Plastic Forks
S is for Spring preschool craft; fork painting; spring preschool lesson

Start with smocks. Little children are messy. They can't help it. 
Cover them up with an old shirt or smock before you start.

Paint stems and leaves of the flowers first, using a small paint brush and green paint.
Pour different color tempera paints on a plate.
Use a different fork for each color.
Paint tulip-shapes on the stems in various colors.
Let it dry.

Tip: if you have several children doing this project at the same time - I had 13 - pre-label each piece of coverstock with each child's name before they start to paint. That way the person who is labeling won't get paint on themselves, as they might if you wait until after the picture is completed.

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