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03 May 2015

Dr. Benjamin Carson - Great Role Model For Our Kids

Dr. Ben Carson; Dr. Benjamin Carson: Gifted Hands movie w Cuba Gooding Jr, Gifted Hands book, neurosurgery on babiesBy Sinea Pies

Years ago I read the biography of a most amazing man and his equally amazing mother. The book is called "Gifted Hands." 

The man: Dr. Benjamin Carson. He was the foremost pediatric neurosurgeon in America...maybe even the world! The first ever to successfully surgically separate twins born conjoined at the head, truly he has "gifted hands." 

Ben Carson's story actually starts out with his mom. Unable to read herself, she was doggedly determined that her children would. What a lady! Seeing miserable grades coming home, and their lack of excitement about learning, she strategically challenged her boys to read, read, read. 
Mrs. Carson, eventually, joined the ranks of the educated herself. But, her priority at first was her boys. Living as a single mom in the ghetto of Detroit, she took on two to three cleaning jobs at a time to support them. Her determination to see them succeed resulted in a love of learning in both of them. End result? One became a remarkable doctor, the other an accomplished business executive. Not bad, huh!

Turn the clock ahead from the time I first read "Gifted Hands" to a time during the Bill Clinton administration. The surgeon general had been dismissed from her job and the president had to appoint a new one. Feeling the presence of God all over me, I wrote to him and suggested Dr. Carson. I didn't hear back but that feeling stayed with me. It was like God was excited about something.

A lot of people say, "I can learn everything I need to know. I can watch this video or I can watch this DVD," or what have you, but that's like saying you can develop your muscles by watching somebody else lift weights.”  
                                                                    Ben Carson

Now, many years later, a much bigger need exists in our nation. We need more than another slick politician. We need more than a patriot. We need inspiration. I think we need Ben Carson. He just announced his candidacy to run for President of the United States in 2016. Wouldn't it be something to have a president who is a great role model, as well? I call that an American dream. 

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So why is a "mommy blog" writing about Ben Carson? For our kids! It's not easy to find true role models these days. So many would-be heroes are a disappointment. But Dr. Benjamin Carson is the real deal and a great example for children to emulate.  If you are looking for a great book to read for all ages - school age and above - get a copy of "Gifted Hands."

Copies of the full version and the kids' editions are available in your local public library ... or you can buy them. However you do it, I do hope you will read it. As I said, we all could use a little inspiration. Get prepared to be amazed.

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