Ducks 'n a Row: Letter Y is for Yellow Preschool Lesson

18 May 2015

Letter Y is for Yellow Preschool Lesson

This year our Letter Y lesson in preschool featured YELLOW. It was our first time focusing on a color and, since the year was coming to a close, I ventured into talking about primary colors,  as well. First, we had to discuss yellow!
How many things can you think of that are yellow? I had pretty hefty list but my preschoolers surprised me by adding "pencil" and "yellow caution sign" to it! They are always thinking!

Here are the items that are YELLOW that we came up with:

Yellow Caution Sign
Egg Yolk
Caution Light on a stoplight
School Bus

Teach these "yellow" things as a group discussion or do it as a memory game. 

Our activity was a lesson in color blending. First, I taught my students what the primary colors are: yellow, red and blue.  

Then we discussed that secondary colors (green, orange and purple) are two primaries blended together:

Yellow + Blue = Green
  Yellow + Red  = Orange
 Red     + Blue = Purple

This color wheel by Mama Jenn is excellent for teaching colors. Print it out on white cardstock and laminate it to be used again and again.

Y is for Yellow preschool lesson

What you will need:
Color wheel printed on cardstock and laminated
Temporay paints - red, yellow, blue

Clean up:
Bowl of water (to wash little, messy hands)

How to:

Give your students a brief "color lesson" first, then...
Put small dots of paint on the dots of the color wheel.
Instruct your students to use a new q-tip for each circle and blend.
Ask them, "What color do you see?"
This can be a messy activity for 3 and 4 year olds.
Cover the child with a smock or old t-shirt.
Have sponge, towel and bowl of water nearby for cleanup.


Letter Y is for Yellow preschool lesson;

Have some ideas on how we can teach colors to preschoolers?

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