Ducks 'n a Row: Toys That Teach ABC's

11 May 2015

Toys That Teach ABC's

By Sinea Pies

As a preschool teacher, helping children learn their ABC's is dear to my heart. Toys that teach the ABC's are a favorite. Toys that teach without NOISE are a joy!

Those who love electronic toys, please forgive me but there have been Christmases and birthdays that were so noise-laden that we had to make the kiddos put them away. This Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book is quiet, interactive and fun for children of many ages. Your kids can even play with it while you are taking a nap. Win-win!

I purchased this puzzle book quite a while ago. Though a couple of my grandkids have played with it, I got a real revelation of its versatility when my three great grandgirls stayed overnight last week. 

Miss N is 2 1/2 years old.    Miss A is 4 1/2.     Miss M is 8. 

You would think someone would have been bored due to age appropriateness but that was not the case. It was fun watching them play. 

Miss N is at the "what is this?" stage. She needed coaching but she wanted to put the pieces in all by herself. 

Miss A was fine on her own, using the shape of the pieces to help her if she wasn't sure what went where. 

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book #preschool

Miss M, at 8 years old, was my surprise. She was having lots of fun working the puzzle right alongside her little sisters and, when everyone was done, she made a pattern on the table with them. She discovered that a number of the pieces will stand up on end. Theoretically, kids could make in imaginary zoo or pet store scene with some of the pieces. 

Melissa & Doug wooden magnetic Alphabet Puzzle Book #puzzles #toys

The Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book is very durable. It is wooden and the depressions where the pieces fit are magnetic. They hold pretty well, though you have to turn the pages with care or some may pop out. Our kids did not mind that a bit. They were having fun. 

Price wise it is about $15.00. Well worth the investment:  great, fun educational toy that will last through child after child. This is a toy that would make a great gift.
ABC toys

How about you? 
Do you have a favorite toy that teaches the ABC's?

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