Ducks 'n a Row: Remember When You and Facebook Were Still Friends?

01 June 2015

Remember When You and Facebook Were Still Friends?

By Sinea Pies

OK, maybe this title is a bit harsh. Perhaps you and Facebook ARE still friends. For me, the jury is out.  
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Does this describe you? It is my nature to be a friend through thick and through thin. I do not give up easily. If a friends "outs" me, I look for ways to make things better. Patch things up. But Facebook? I don't know. I think Facebook may hate me. 

I long for the days that having more people liking my fanpage meant that they would see my posts in their feeds. The more the merrier! 

We'd all have fun seeing each other's posts travel down the page and we could like, share, comment over and over again. Now? Where are my friends? Why doesn't Facebook like us to talk to each other anymore?

Well, today I want to hear from YOU! 
Not here. 
On my FACEBOOK page.

I have opened up this discussion on my page and I invite you to come over to share your thoughts.  

If you have come up with any FREE ideas that have helped you, please tell us. (We can always pay Facebook to let us see each other. That's not what I'm looking for.) 

Go to the discussion: Remember When You and Facebook Were Still Friends?

If I am like you then you really miss those days, too, and want to bring them back, somehow!

See you on Facebook.

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