Ducks 'n a Row: The Tender Moments

29 June 2015

The Tender Moments

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop watching him sleep. There's nothing better than being curled up with Baby Boy sleeping. I feel the tenderest at those times. I know he's safe and secure. It's quiet and I can easily reflect on the joy that is him. 

Listening to the soft breathing. Steady in and out. It's a great musical score. Especially as everything else is still.
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Tender moments erase all the busy, all the tantrums, all the "no", all the cleaning up, all the diaper washing and the toy dodging. Tender moments are what I live for as a mother. I honestly don't see my life as full as it is today without Baby Boy in it. Even though I'm not always sure, my confidence swells and falls as much as a sea's tide, and I pressure myself to be a better parent, what I know for sure is my gratitude in being Baby Boy's mother. 

I'm glad to have been chosen to watch over, protect, provide, guide, love, and teach this wonderful human being. I'm glad for all the tender moments. Glad for the rest between days. Glad for the quiet solitude of reflection on our journey. Glad for the gratitude I feel with the life I have today. And now, with another lovely babe on the way, I know I have the opportunity to dwell in more tender moments. In fact, it's already started. 

Seeing the joy and excitement on Baby Boy's face when we get to hear the heartbeat of this growing babe. Feeling those little hands caress my belly and listen to Baby Boy say "love you more" to this newest child. Hearing Baby Boy say, "that's a baby" and directing Hun to "kiss the Baby, Papa" or falling asleep with my two growing children cuddled together. 

As a mother, the tender moments are the things that keep me going. It's these tender moments when I know no matter what, I'm alright. As much as I yearn for the quiet and time alone, I also know I'd rather be these tender moments of the busy life with growing children.

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Thank you for this touching reminder of the joys of motherhood, Life Breath Present. And, congratulations on the upcoming birth of your second child. 

What an exciting time in your lives. Baby Boy will undoubtedly be a great big-brother. 
Sinea  ♥


Life Breath Present:  I'm a Mom. I'm a Wife. I'm a Friend. I'm a Sister. I'm a Daughter. I'm an Aunt. I was a Professional Social Worker. I was a daily Advocate for others. I'm becoming a Crafter. I'm becoming a Photographer. I will always be all of these things and more.

I love learning. I love Real Food and discovering new recipes. I love all of the roles I fulfill today. I love Hun and Baby Boy the most. I'm learning how to put all of these parts of me together and I'm making my journey public. I'm learning more about myself and discovering what parts fit where. So far, I've learned I really love creating. Any kind of creating really. I love advocacy and educating others. There are current events which excite me, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in an annoyed way. Here's where I talk about it all - being a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, Social Worker, advocater, crafter, photographer. Here's where I share what I've learned, what I'm learning, and what I hope to learn. 

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