Ducks 'n a Row: Z is for Zoo Preschool Craft

07 June 2015

Z is for Zoo Preschool Craft

By Sinea Pies

zoo craft; kids craft; preschool craft; Letter Z is for Zoo

Our final day of preschool was filled with "last day" activities but, to my delight, we did manage to make room for this very fun activity for the Letter Z is for Zoo. 

The day started out with a guessing game where everyone volunteered kinds of animals that THEY had seen in a zoo. I printed many photos of the likely candidates and, as the children shared, we displayed the corresponding picture.  
Later that day, during craft time, we made our own little "zoo" with animals that can be seen through the bars of the cage. I wanted them to have something memorable for the letter Z to take home.

Preschool Zoo Craft

zoo; zoo animals; jungle animals, preschool craft; kids crafts

Zoo cage template 
-free printable below-
Zoo stickers
Pipe Cleaners
Glue stick
Scotch tape
Single Hole Punch
Pointy knife*
Laminator (optional)

Letter Z is for Zoo

*PARENTS: for safety please do the cutting of the window for the zoo...or at least start it... for your little one. I used a pointy steak knife to insert within the square to give myself a place where I could insert the scissors. You can do that and all of the cutting or make that first cut and turn it over to your child, who should use the round-tipped child safe scissors, to complete it.

zoo; preschool

  1. Print the template onto a piece of cardstock. 
  2. Fold the cardstock in half with the "zoo" side showing.
  3. Cut out the square in the middle.
  4. Punch holes where the circles are.
  5. Glue pictures or stickers of animals on the part that you can see through the window.
  6. Color the outside of the zoo.
  7. String pipecleaners from hole to hole across the opening to make bars for the zoo cage.
  8. Scotch tape the zoo "closed" using small pieces of tape on each side. 

preschool, kids crafts, zoo, jungle animals, zoo animals

Tip:  I had some animal stickers on hand. What I lacked were enough jungle animals to make this craft special. So, I made a page using clipart of tigers and elephants, plenty so that each student would have them for their zoo cage as well. I printed the animals on cardstock for durability and laminated them but laminating is not necessary for the success of the craft.

Tip: If you do not have animal stickers, you can use animal crackers! This is what it looks like: Zoo Craft for Kids by My Little Gems

Z is for Zoo preschool craft

Free Printables
Zoo Cage
Zoo Animals

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