Ducks 'n a Row: 12 Hot Dog Recipes That Will Rock Your World!

23 July 2015

12 Hot Dog Recipes That Will Rock Your World!

By Sinea Pies

National Hot Dog Day; hot dogs; franks; chili dogs;

Get ready for National Hot Dog Day!
There is a day for everything, isn't there! 
Yes, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day in the U.S.A. --- but hot dogs are not just hot dogs anymore.

When you think of hot dogs, what do you think of?
Enjoying a great baseball game at the ballpark?
A quick meal for a busy day?

Well, some people  LIVE for a good hot and oft times it is MORE than just a hot dog - it is exceedingly GOURMET!
Here are some exceptional hot dog recipes that will put your kitchen (or grill) on the Hot Dog World Map!

Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Eat from The Food Charlatan

Pretzel Dogs: Three Amazing Recipes

National Hot Dog Day, hot dogs
Homemade Pretzel Dogs from The Food Charlatan

National Hot Dog Day; hot dog recipes; frankfurters

hot dogs; franks

hot dog recipes; hot dogs; franks; chili dogs

How do YOU like your hot dogs?

big dog panting

This big guy just wants a bowl of WATER!

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