Ducks 'n a Row: 25 Excellent Copycat Recipes That You Will Enjoy Making At Home!

16 July 2015

25 Excellent Copycat Recipes That You Will Enjoy Making At Home!

We all have restaurants that we love. We go back over and over again for different reasons. Sometimes it is that amazing bread, like at Outback, or rolls with cinnamon butter like Texas Roadhouse. Some of us hypnotically follow the Red Lobster TV commercials to get our cheddar bay biscuits along with the Lobster Fest! 
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Whatever the motivation, sometimes it would be nice to enjoy our best-loved recipes at home. When we're copying them, I am not sure that we ever totally nail them in duplication but we get close - very, very close! 

Here are 25 delicious recipes, inspired by our favorite eateries!



salad dressing recipe

copycat recipe for Bonzai burgers at Red Robin; hamburgers

sweet bread; lemon bread

There you go! 

What restaurant recipes would you love to be able to make at home? Maybe you have a recipe. Please tell us all about it in the comments and feel free to share a link to your recipe, too!

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