Ducks 'n a Row: Cheap Toys That Your Dogs Will Love

10 July 2015

Cheap Toys That Your Dogs Will Love

By Sinea Pies

Keep Your Dog Busy and Away From Your Shoes!
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Dogs are natural chewers. Just watch what they do if left unattended for too long. Many have enjoyed a good chomp on a favorite pair of bedroom slippers or the leg of a dining room chair.

It is important that you redirect your dog's natural propensity to chew to objects that he is permitted to have. Beef marrow bones are a good choice.
Raw marrow bones can be purchased from the meat department of your local grocery store or pet store. Select a bone that is the right size for your dog. Larger breeds will need a hefty sized bone. Tiny dogs needed smaller ones. They'll need some preparation, though.
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How To Prepare Marrow Bones For Dogs
PRECOOK THEM. Put the raw bone on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil. Place it in an oven preheated at 350°. Bake it for about 30-40 minutes. Remove it from the oven and cool for at least 30 minutes. Then place it in a plastic bag, separating them with waxed paper to prevent sticking, and freeze for future use. You may want to prepare several at a time, to build up a supply. NEVER give a dog a hot or warm marrow bone. You don’t know how hot it may still be inside. Freezing assures burn prevention.
dog safety, dog bones, marrow bones

After your dog has enjoyed his bone, now what do you do with it? He will revisit it often, so don’t throw it away. When a time comes that you've run out of new bones to give to him, find a used one and stuff it. 
Stuffing Used Marrow Bones

My yellow lab is a chewer. It's hard to keep up with her. I cannot vouch for health safety on this but I do try to protect her. What I do is I wash the empty marrow bones in soap and water, rinse in very hot water and drip dry. Then I combine dry dog food with a little bit of canned dog food--I buy the organic kind. Then I stuff the dried marrow bones and freeze them. 

Whenever Sadie needs something to chew, they are ready. Mind you, sometimes I do as many as 12 at a time! It is work but, especially when I do not have time to play ball with her or take her for a walk, they come in very handy!
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Ever Give Your Dog An Ice Cube?
Yes, ice cubes make good snacks and great toys for dogs and puppies alike. Some dogs will enjoy chomping on the cold cube. It's especially soothing for teething pups. Others will chase the ice cube on a smooth floor like a hockey player with a hockey puck! Just watch out for slippage when it comes to people walking on the "rink." Use caution.
Empty Plastic Bottle
Next time you empty your mouthwash bottle (large size), wash it out, firmly replace the cap and give it to your puppy. She will bat that thing all over the floor for hours of inexpensive fun. It could become her favorite toy! 

Safety Precaution: with pets, as with children, supervise their play. Dogs should not be allowed to swallow plastic or other foreign objects. If a playtoy becomes a health hazard, remove it from the premises and discard it.
ANOTHER GREAT DOG TOY IDEA: if you are looking for a plush toy that will keep your dog busy for hours, try the Intellibone Puzzle for Dogs (unlike many plush toys that will be destroyed almost instantaneously, this toy will be around for a while!  Though the initial outlay for this toy is not exactly "cheap", the longer life will make it a great investment in the long run.Dogs love it…and their owners do, too!

Safety Precaution: Never give a dog a chicken bone or any bone that splinters:  when bones are dangerous to dogs.

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