Ducks 'n a Row: How To Crochet a Dish Scrubby

30 July 2015

How To Crochet a Dish Scrubby

Guest post by Vicky Morgan

The prizes for bingo the other night at church were dish scrubbies and crocheted dish cloths. I won but gave mine to the next winner and just asked for the pattern. I've always wanted to make one of these and now I'm on a roll!

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The wonderful friend who gave me the pattern said I could pass it on.  So here it is with a warning: Making these can be addictive.  You will be making one for yourself, your kids, and your friends.  They will love you unconditionally.  Just letting you know!


Size I Crochet Hook

Use Nylon Net (comes by the yard at places like Joanne's or you can buy it here on Amazon)

cut into 2-3 inch wide strips- (I like to tie the strips together as I cut them and roll into a ball).

chain 4 and slip to form a circle

Working in rounds

Row 1- 4 sc in circle (do not turn)

Row 2- 2 sc in each stitch- 8 sts.

Row 3- 2 sc in each stitch - 16 sts.

Row 4- 2 sc in each stitch - 32 sts.

Row 5 & 6 - 1 sc in each stitch -32 sts,

Row 8- 1 sc in every other stitch -16 st.

Row 9- 1 sc in every other stitch - 8 sts.

Row 10-1 sc in every other stitch -4 sts.

Slip stitches together to close off the circle.

Thanks so much, Vicky, for the fun post! I love to crochet and I can see how this really could become addictive! Scrubbies everywhere!  They'd make cute bridal shower and/or housewarming gifts. ...Sinea  

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