Ducks 'n a Row: 8 Things You Should Tell Your Child's Teacher

29 August 2015

8 Things You Should Tell Your Child's Teacher

By Sinea Pies

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Life at home affects us all.  When it comes to our children, it can show up in the classroom. Teachers can only guess why a child is acting differently than the norm. A usually cheerful eager learner can become sullen, irritable, withdrawn or angry. As a teacher, I can say that it is so helpful when mom or dad gives me a little clue why things may be different.

Now, we are not talking dangerous conditions. If you have a situation that is becoming volatile, get help quickly. Go to a trusted family member, your pastor or even the police but do not gamble with your family's safety. 

In this instance, we are addressing are the normal circumstances of life that will pass but temporarily impact our kids.

The teacher may need to know about this:

1. Sleepless:  whatever the reason for a child not getting enough sleep, it can have an impact the following day at school. Teachers need to know! 

2. Missed a meal: getting children to eat first thing in the morning can be a real challenge. Going to school hungry, though, will impact the day. Do your best to give them a healthy breakfast (not all sugar - include some kind of protein.) At the times that they have not eaten, let the teacher know. Be SURE to send an extra snack, if that is the case. 

3. Getting Sick: parents can tell when their kids are coming down with something. I used to know when my son had an ear infection in the works before the doctor did. Teachers appreciate parental instincts and it helps to give them a clue that your child is feeling out of sorts.

4. Family Woes: financial stress, unemployment, sick family members, marital disagreements, broken down car...the list of possibilities goes on. It may not show in the child's behavior but children certainly pick up on the vibes. 

5. Loss: big changes like the death of a loved one or the family pet can have a significant impact. Moving from one house to another is another disruption, even if the move is a step up. Divorce, separation...there can be losses of many kinds.

6. Pain: headaches, bumps and bruises, allergic reactions, loose baby teeth.

7. Fear: anxiety over school itself. We've all heard of "test anxiety" but there are other kinds of apprehension, as well. When I was a little girl I had a bad experience in the cafeteria when I dropped a tray full of food. That did it for me. I was so fearful that I would never buy lunch again! 

8. Peer Pressure: children can be very sensitive about who is nice to them, whether they feel acceptance or know the drill. If there are some hurts there (especially if your child is very young) and they don't seem to being going away, it may be something that should be discussed with the teacher. 

Bottom Line: Whatever the deal is, do not hesitate to mention it to your child's teacher. It will be appreciated and could make your child's day at school a whole lot better.  

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