Ducks 'n a Row: Are YOU Ready For School?

26 August 2015

Are YOU Ready For School?

By Sinea Pies

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So what's on your Back-To-School checklist?

Back to School: school supplies, back packs, school clothes, lunch boxes, sneakers, bus schedules, new wake-up times, new bedtimes, find out who the teacher is ...lots of excitement! 

No matter how far in advance you plan, there is something about back-to-school time that comes with its own kind of frenzy. It's that feeling that somehow something important may be overlooked. 

Trust me, you'll be OK. Make a list. Check off what has been done. Add anything that still needs to be done. Remember that some things may not have to be ready for that very first day but you know that you are going to want your kids to look good. Clean. Neat. Dressed in a way that makes them feel confident.

Don't forget the hair! Think about it now. When will shampoo-time fit in? School day or the night before? If you are adventurous enough to do it on the first day of school, bravo! (We now know your secret identity. You ARE Super-Mom, aren't you?)

Moms have school supplies, too. Some time ago I told you about my friend who has her own bookbag filled with her "Mom waiting in the car" stuff. But another school supply would include child-friendly shampoo. Buy them safe, worry free products that are perfect for all hair types. Attitude® brand is an excellent choice.

natural shampoo from Attitude
This product combo was created totally with kids in mind. Both shampoo and conditioner are worry-free all-natural products made for all hair types. 

This it a perfect time to try them. From now until August 28th, they have a BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) promotion: Back To School BUNDLE From Attitude® 

In addition ...
  • First-time shoppers get 40% off when they use the promo code FIRSTFREE40 
  • Fast free shipping for orders over $75 
  • Looking for the BEST DEALS? Check out their A-CLUB

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 This post is sponsored by Attitude® but the opinions are totally my own.

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