Ducks 'n a Row: Baby Shower Punch Recipe - Complete With Rubber Ducks

13 August 2015

Baby Shower Punch Recipe - Complete With Rubber Ducks

By Sinea Pies

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Great-Grand-Boy is on his way! Yes, he is our 4th "great" in addition to 12 grands. All AWESOME kids. We just held a baby shower in honor of this little guy, due to make his arrival in September. He should have seen it! Little duckies on the punch. Little teddy with balloons on the cake. Great time had by all.

My daughter made this delicious whimsical rubber ducky punch. My niece made the adorable Teddybear cake,  totally from scratch. Both are pictured here. 

Sorry, no cake recipe today (stayed tuned!) but I do have the punch recipe for you. :)
baby shower cake, baby shower, little boy cake, teddybear cake

Baby Shower Punch Recipe
{Ducky Punch}
{Sherbet Punch Recipe}

baby shower, party food, sherbet punch, boy baby

Buy some little rubber duckies to float on the punch!

1 pkg unsweetened Blueberry Kool-Aid (dry)
1 cup sugar
64 oz. white grape juice, chilled
1 2litre bottle gingerale, chilled
1 bucket (8 scoops) rainbow sherbet

Note: If you have an extra large punchbowl, you may want to double this recipe.
Combine sugar and Kool-Aid powder in the punch bowl.
Add the cold white grapejuice and gingerale, stirring lightly.
Add gingerale and scoops of sherbet.
Float the ducks on top!

Pretty Orange Sherbet Bridal Shower Punch 

This bridal shower punch was made for my grandgirl's celebration. It is a recipe that my family has made for years. My mom also used to make it with green lime sherbet and red cherries during the holidays for a very festive look!

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