Ducks 'n a Row: Back Packs for Kids - Are They Safe?

25 August 2015

Back Packs for Kids - Are They Safe?

By Sinea Pies

Do your children look forward to picking out a new back pack for school? Parents need to look for durability and safety in a back pack, too. Here are some points to consider in searching for the right back pack.

Back packs are an essential tool for preschool and school-age students. 
  1. They make it so much easier to carry all their "stuff."
  2. Your child is less likely to lose things when transporting that stuff to and from school.  
  3. With sturdy folders to put inside, papers will come home in relatively good condition.  (No back pack or folder is perfect. An imperfect child is putting it all inside!)
  4. Finally,  a great part of a new school year is that backpacks are really fun for your budding young geniuses to pick out! 
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Do your kids want an action hero like Spiderman, or Transformers on their back pack... or their favorite sport, perhaps? How about a cartoon character like Dora the Explorer or a Princess theme?

There is so much to choose from at a variety of sizes and prices. Some have special compartments for pens, notebooks and other educational paraphernalia.  

Others are just huge.  Really huge.  You can even find them with wheels and a handle to reduce wear and tear on the back or shoulders. You name it, you can buy it.

It would be nice if back packs would last for years to come but that is usually not the case.

They really do take a beating in a year's time.  The weight and volume of books, paper, pens, pencils, clothing and snacks that get stuffed into that thing put it through the ringer.  Expect to retire the back pack after a year, maybe two at the most.
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Skip Hop Backpack Zoo
Health Concerns and Considerations:
Carrying large backpacks, stuffed with heavy books, digital devices, and the like can be hard on the back and shoulders. Here are some tips from the experts at WebMD  on how to buy the right back pack: Child Backpack: Best Type

Characteristics of a good school backpack: 
- shoulder straps should be as comfortable as possible
- sufficient padding should be included so it can provide support to the student and make the backpack easier to wear
-shoulder straps made of a material that doesn't slip, to help prevent the backpack from slipping off
-waist belt feature
-waist belt can be connected at the waist.Then it can help with evenly distribution of weight
-The backpack should be waterproof, so it protects the contents of the backpack
-Backpack should be made from quality material to last long (Ballistic nylon backpacks for example)
-Reflective patches are an useful safety feature, to help protect the child from traffic
-it should be as lightweight as possible
-it should have various compartments that can accommodate books and other items. This will make them easily accessible
-it should have quality zippers
-if it is intended to carry a laptop it should be extra thick

So here is to a happy, healthy school year... and a great back pack to carry you through!

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