Ducks 'n a Row: Clean Your Fruits And Vegetables

03 August 2015

Clean Your Fruits And Vegetables

By Sinea Pies

This post is sponsored by the ATTITUDE company and this author received financial compensation in writing it. Any opinions shared here are my own.
Attitude Fruit and Vegetable Wash, clean fruit, clean vegetables

If you are like me, for years you thought that a thorough rinsing with water was good enough to get your fresh fruits and vegetables clean. That's what our moms always said, right? Well, today our foods are treated with pesticides and tainted by chemicals that won't just wash off under the tap.

There is actually an annual "Dirty Dozen" list posted to draw attention to the produce most likely to be contaminated. For 2015 that list included apples, peaches, nectarines, celery, strawberries, spinach, cherry tomatoes, grapes, sweet bell peppers and imported veggies like potatoes and snap peas.  That's a lot! All the more reason to do our best to clean our produce before consumption.

But how? Whatever means you use, you certainly don't want to add to a potential health hazard by using products that aren't safe for human consumption!

As harvest season peaks, we will be serving more fresh fruits and vegetables than ever. There is a way to easily and safely remove residual pesticides and other contaminants from fresh fruits and veggies.  Fruit & Vegetable Wash by Attitude Living is here. This product is made with natural, worry-free ingredients. It is even fragrance-free, which is a real bonus for anyone who is sensitive. My hubby is so scent-sensitive that I actually have to wait for him to be out of the house before I can clean! This product will be a joy to use.

ATTITUDE really wants you to give it a try. They are making their Fruit & Vegetable Wash available for $1.00 in a promo that starts on August 3rd. This is a limited-time offer so, if you want to try it, now is the time! But there's more.  First time shoppers will get 40% off their first order by using the promocode FIRSTFREE40. Why not check it out? Fruit & Vegetable Wash

I think I can read your mind. "What if you absolutely love their products and want to keep buying them?" They hope you do and have a plan to help you be able to buy them whenever you want to. First, you can get fast & free shipping for any orders over $75.  But you also can get 40% off all of your purchases for a year with their A-Club. For more information  you can check out ATTITUDE's A-Club here.  Sound like a good deal? Check it out!

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