Ducks 'n a Row: Happy Birthday "Green Eggs & Ham"

22 August 2015

Happy Birthday "Green Eggs & Ham"

By Sinea Pies

"I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am." Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham
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Oh my goodness.  "Review anything Dr. Seuss? You've got to be kidding. OF COURSE I WILL!" That was my reaction when offered the opportunity to try out this new "Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn" digital book app, debuting just in time for the 55th birthday of the book.* Never mind that I needed to have an IPad or IPhone to do it. Though I have not yet stepped into the 21st century and only own a "stupid phone," the rest of my very brilliant family has I-everthings and I knew I could get their help. 

*Green Eggs and Ham was first published on August 12, 1960.

Sure enough, I was right! I made a date with my niece to let her children play with it. Their Nana (my sister-in-law Sue) met us there with her Ipad and uploaded it. I can only tell you it was so much fun to watch little Bubba (age 4) and Emma (2 1/2) watch, listen and interact with this app. They were mesmerized! 
Dr. Seuss, educational toys, Green Eggs and Ham

This learning tool is designed for ages 3-6 but Emma did a stellar job, right along with big brother. Even baby Eli (age 1) was intrigued and wanted to get in on the act.

Now, ssshh...don't let it get around but Sue brought it with her the next day to work. We played with it at the lunch table and uncovered even more surprises. We are such kids at heart!

So, what exactly is it? The "Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn" is a deluxe, digital book app that brings the "Green Eggs and Ham" story to life with delightful animations, fun interactions and new learning activities that help reinforce key literacy skills like spelling, rhyming and reading comprehension. 

Little players' attention is riveted as they tap, drag and tilt the device to find playful surprises throughout the book. Our little ones loved looking for the "star" to press and uncovering its whereabouts. 

Neither Bubba nor Emma had yet learned letter recognition but it was not long before they got the hang of it and were identifying, dragging and dropping the proper letters to spell all sorts of words from the story. 

Now, one of the fun parts we adults discovered at lunch is what happens with the boat in the story. I hate to deprive you of the fun of discovering it by yourselves so let me suffice it to say that you need to pay close attention to that page -- actions and sound effects are a hoot! 

The literary experts who helped develop this really knew what they were doing. It is targeted for beginning readers with kindergarten ELA standards as the goal. Various reading and memory skills are reinforced in a number of interesting ways so that the child is learning while having fun. And when the story ends, it automatically starts again so that the child does not have to go get mommy or daddy to help!

For those of you "get-to-the-point" kinda people:

Core Details:
Product Name: Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn
Type: Digital Book App
Platform: iOS Exclusive (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with at least iOS 8)
Retail Price: $4.99
Official Launch Date: August 20, 2015
For Kids: Ages 3 to 6
Producer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.
Brand: Dr. Seuss

Key App Features:
Kid-Friendly Interface
Animated, Interactive Pages
30+ Learning Activities Designed With the Help of Kids, Parents, Educators
Text-Scaffolding for Literacy Development 
• No In-App Purchases 

Would I recommend it? Oh yes, I most certainly do! 
So go on over right now to the Apple app store and download a copy for yourself:  Apple App Store

Note: this post has been sponsored by Oceanhouse Media but all opinions are enthusiastically my own!

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