Ducks 'n a Row: Make A Fairy House With Your Kids

01 August 2015

Make A Fairy House With Your Kids

By Sinea Pies
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Making fairy houses with kids is loads of fun. What you have in skill, they have in imagination!  Each of you will bring something new to the table as you plan and make your whimsical garden decoration. 

My daughter has spearheaded Fairy House projects two years in a row. Each time, entering a local Fairy House competition, she and her children participated ...even her adult son and his family.

fairy houses; fairies, DIY projects for kids

This year, she got her Girl Scout Troop involved and they built a FAIRY NATION with different real-life cultures depicted in separate sections of the scene: a "Fairy Taj Mahal," "Fairy Leaning Tower of Pisa" and Native American Fairy Tee Pee, to name a few. 

Plan on this effort taking place over a number of days. Enjoy it. Don't rush. Find a good place in the garage, basement or shed where you can set it up on a table and come back from time to time to do more work. Maybe you can go for a hike in the woods together to look for pieces to use in your work of art. 

fairy house

Fairy House building as a group activity develops so many skills. 
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Sharing
  • Project planning
  • Ingenuity
  • Problem solving
  • Patience (as some things may not work out the first time) 
  • Flexibility (as the plan may change in-process) 
  • Money management, as you may have need of purchasing certain supplies.
In the planning stage, give your kids paper and pencil to draw some ideas. Come together and see what parts of each sketch will be utilized. Try to include something from everyone.

The contest that our family was entering required that each component be as natural as possible. They hunted in the yard and out in the woods for things they could use. As they did, it began to take shape.

My granddaughter helped me put together this "supply list." What do you think? Did we miss anything?
  • acorns (she suggested the tops could become the lids for the fairie's pots and pans)
  • berries
  • clay (to make pots to cook on)
  • flowers (a clay vase needs flowers)
  • Gorilla glue* (or other wood glues)
  • grass
  • leaves
  • moss
  • natural twine/rope
  • nuts
  • paint 
  • paint brushes
  • popsicle sticks
  • pumpkins or gords (hollow out inside for the house?)
  • seeds
  • stones & pebbles
  • tree bark
  • tree branches & twigs

fairy house

There are so many fabulous fairy house on the internet where you can get great ideas. Whatever shape your fairy house takes, there will be so much fun in the making!

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Photo credits:

Fairy Nation: by Sinea Pies

Gourd House and Fairy House in the Woods by Steve Depolo on Flickr Creative Commons

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