Ducks 'n a Row: The Multiple Uses Of Huggies Wipes - They Aren't Just For Babies, You Know!

10 August 2015

The Multiple Uses Of Huggies Wipes - They Aren't Just For Babies, You Know!

By Sinea Pies

Moms, how many times have you re-purposed something? All of us do. We are constantly reinventing things to make them work for our homes. Well, Huggies Wipes at Walmart are new and improved with TripleClean™ technology that no others have. They are now thicker, too, which makes them SUPER repurposable. (Is that a word?)  So, anytime can be a good time for wipe BECAUSE KIDS OUTGROW DIAPERS, NOT MESSES.*

What I mean to say is that these wipes can tackle jobs that you never would have thought to do with baby wipes before: 101 Uses For Huggies Wipes  

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Yesterday I went to Walmart and bought a handy three-pack of Huggies Wipes so that I can leave them in strategic places; one in my car, another in my kitchen and the third in the bathroom. When I'm back to teaching in a few weeks, I will also keep several in my classroom. (I teach preschoolers. Yes, we will need them all day long.)

So, I was thinking of how many ways they could be used. They say 101 ways.   For starters, I came up with 13. Not exactly 101 but maybe you can help me? What  OTHER uses can YOU think of? 

Note: You've got to go over to Walmart's page and check out the cute videos .

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Here are mine:

1. Arts 'n Crafts Clean Ups
My week is filled with artsy stuff. My preschoolers do at least one craft per day, which can include paint, glue and crayon. Playdough, too! Their hands, the craft table and even the floor will need wiping up!  Video: "Play Time"

2. Baking Factory
Not too long ago the grandgirls came over for a day of fun. One thing we did was to bake! As you can see, not everything made it to the oven! LOL 
Lifting 3 year olds up to the sink for handwashing is a workout. These wipes are perfect for quick "little-hands cleanups" so you can keep on having uninterrupted fun.

3. Driveup Window "Events"
I call this the "Bagel Eatten in the Car Incident." Not me. Hubby! He gets one just about every day, slathered in creamcheese. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down in the car only to realize that  "something happened" while I was gone. LOL

Also, imagine ice cream cones at the driveup window. Yikes! They can melt faster than you can lick 'em. Either way, these wipes are perfect to keep right in the car for a mop-up at a moment's notice! 

dirty dog ears, muddy paws, dog bath4. Dog Ears
Lab ears! Yes, that is what they call it. "Lab ears." If you have a delicated constitution, move on to number 5. For the rest....what I am refering to is that thick, waxy, smelly black gunk that Labrador Retrievers and some other breeds can get in their ears. 

 Our veterinarian told us that the easiest way to keep Sadie's ears clean is to swab them out using a baby wipe. These new Huggies wipes really do a great job.

5. Dog No-Time-For-A-Bath Emergencies
I don't know why Sadie does it but once in a while as I am taking her for a walk she gets a crazed look in her eyes, flops down on a lawn and rubs herself in something. I seldom see what it was but when we get home we SMELL what it was. When you have a big dog like Sadie, baths are not the easy way to get her clean. A nice, scented wipe is the perfect cure.

baby wipes, dog paws

6. Dog Paws
Rainy day-muddy day.  Muddy paws are almost unavoidable on very rainy days. But try to tell Sadie that it is not the time for adventures. That puppy just will not listen! Inevitably, she comes in with mud on her paws. Again, better than the struggle of a bath in the tub, Huggies Triple Clean Layers do a very good job. 

This video really nailed it for kids and dogs! Video: Explorers 

7. Flowerpot Overflows
I try to be careful but potting plants has its hazards. Cleaning up potting soil spills is a breeze with a wipe.

8. Hair Coloring Fiascos 
Yes, I do color my own hair from time to time. What I have never been good at is applying it in a timely fashion while keeping the countertop in my bathroom clean. Now that I have my new wipes, I will pull them out along with my other hair coloring paraphernalia and have them ready. Quick cleanup prevents countertop and sink stains.

9. Kitchen Spills
This can be ANYTHING. You can use a wipe when you spill the sauce, or the drink, or the batter, or the whatever. Best to get it fast and a wipe is very fast! 
Video: Messy Baby!!! LOL

10. Lunch Time Mahem
Preschoolers especially have interesting eating habits. I had one little guy scoop pudding out of the container with a finger when his mom forgot to send a plastic spoon! I swear I had only turned my back for a moment. 
Before I knew it, others were imitating him with their yogurt or applesauce or hummus. You get the picture. That was the day that I said to my assistant "Next time I bring wipes!"  

First day of school to-do list: Get Huggies Wipes At Walmart!

11. Nursing Home Visits
Lunch with dad is almost as unpredictable as lunch with my preschoolers. He does some interesting things with his food these days. Dad loves tartar sauce. They served him a delicious fish fry meal, tartar sauce on the side. Before I could look up from my own meal, he had smeared the tartar sauce all over his fries and was eating them by hand! You get the picture. Could have used lots of wipes that day.

12. Out on the Patio
Favorite time of day this summer has been after-dinner. We take our coffee or iced tea and dessert outside to enjoy the view from our porch. Maybe it is because we are outdoors, or perhaps because we have a puppy dog who bumps into the table from time to time, but that table gets spills. Keeping a basket with Huggies wipes on hand is a perfect way to remember to do clean up before we come indoors from our little "picnic." 

13. Paint Drips
Maybe you are a budding artist or a DIY painter at home. Last year I painted the inside of a closet. I thought it would be simple to do. Taped all around the edges. Put a tarp on the floor. But there were spills. If I'd had my Walmart Huggies Wipes at the time, those spills could have been cleaned up easily. I will have them on hand the next time!

Get Huggies #TripleClean Wipes online at Walmart and be sure to stay for a minute to see what great uses videos they came up with, too!

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