Ducks 'n a Row: Church Banners - Shout Out Your Message

21 September 2015

Church Banners - Shout Out Your Message

By Sinea Pies

As the member of a church congregation, you may not give this much thought but a lot of marketing happens in church. 
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That sounds terrible doesn't it? Marketing and church in the same sentence? Perhaps a better way to put it is that a lot of COMMUNICATING takes place. Churches and other houses of worship have a multitude of messages to convey from the obvious sermon message to getting the people to come to a service or event on the same day and time. There are special events and celebrations all year that call for a special sign on display.

I was blessed to be the assistant marketing director of a large church for a couple of years. That is when I learned that a host of informational projects were taking place all the time. Event planning, advertising, publishing, fundraising, promotions...even TV and radio. 

The one form of advertising that I totally had taken for granted is banners and signs. We often made small signs ourselves on our computers. But when there was a need for larger signs, we outsourced that work to a sign company. The process has become so smooth now that it can easily be done online with Best Of Signs. What a time saver.

Our church ordered custom made vinyl banners for many events and celebrations including:
Anniversary Celebration
Annual Theme
Pastor Appreciation Day
Catechism Class Enrollment Dates
Congratulations to the Graduates
Church Picnic
Open House (for our school)
The Big Give (community outreach giveaway)
Welcome Sign

And the possibilities go on and on. If you are looking to purchase a sign for a church event, check out Best of Signs. 

This post was sponsored by Best Of Signs - the words and opinions are my own.

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