Ducks 'n a Row: Poise Impressa - A Life-Changing Product That Helps Stop Bladder Leaks - It's A Game Changer!

13 September 2015

Poise Impressa - A Life-Changing Product That Helps Stop Bladder Leaks - It's A Game Changer!

By Sinea Pies

Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women. Imagine something as simple as lifting up a little child triggering an unwanted flow of urine. Talk about ruining a tender moment. Poise* has come up with a revolutionary NEW product - Impressa*- that can change all that! #TryImpressa
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Poise Impressa provides bladder support

"Life-changing...really?" Only women who suffer with bladder leakage can truly identify with that. What if a simple, easy to use product could make it as if the condition wasn't there? Like it doesn't even exist. To me, that is a game changer. I am very excited about Poise* Impressa*  

My worst experience with bladder leaks happened when I had an extreme case of bronchitis. For 5 weeks I coughed and coughed and coughed. I coughed till my bones hurt. Really. 

One of the awful side-effects was bladder leakage. Each cough would jar some urine right out of me. Gross, huh? Well, imagine that being an ongoing condition. Any cough, sneeze, laughing, lifting something heavy, quick movement could cause leaking. Pads aren't a good fix. Till now, that is all that's been available. 

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Poise* has designed a bladder support that looks like a tampon but it's not. It actually supports the bladder internally to keep urine from leaking out. It is easy to use and effective. You can go about your business without fear. Walk, run, dance, lift up kids, carry groceries -- do whatever you used to do without concerns of having an accident. 

Want to know more? Of course you do! They have a great short little video that tells you just how it works: IMPRESSA* INFO VIDEO

COUPON: Knowing that we are not all the same size and shape inside, Poise has come up with a sizing kit for you to try. Find out which one is best for you. Right now the kit comes with a $4 coupon for your next purchase but ALSO they are so anxious for you to try Impressa that they have an online coupon for you to use on the kit now. Get Your COUPON HERE: POISE IMPRESSA KIT COUPON

Who do you know that needs this? Tell her. Send her this post. She will be so glad!

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