Ducks 'n a Row: Poise® Thin-Shape Pads and the Preschool Butterfly Craft That You Won't Believe

05 September 2015

Poise® Thin-Shape Pads and the Preschool Butterfly Craft That You Won't Believe

By Sinea Pies

Yes, this may be the strangest preschool craft I have ever made. First, let me tell you that it was the Poise® Thin-Shape Pads for LBL and the #RecycleYourPeriodPad challenge that got me started on this project. [Learn how to get Poise Free Samples.)

feminine pads, sanitary napkins, light bladder leakage; LBL

My story: though I had been using period pads, I didn't need them for that purpose anymore. My periods are long gone. I do have some LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) and have been wearing regular pads for protection. 

bladder leakage, recycle pads, free Poise pads

Up to this point, I had sincerely believed that special pads for LBL were not necessary. But when I tried the Poise® Thin-Shape pads, I realized I was wrong. The difference is amazing. I actually forget that I am wearing them. There is no sense of moisture. No worry that they won't do the job and no irritation, like I had sometimes experienced before. What a relief. I truly do not want to use my other pads. A plan to recycle period pads...that's what I was looking for. 

Then I got a brilliant idea. This year our preschoolers will be studying Letter B is for Butterfly.  I made a vivid visual aid to help them learn the parts of the butterfly using, you guessed it - THE OLD UNUSED PERIOD PADS! I painted the pads with tempera paints, trimmed them a little bit and stuck them on a foam board. Butterfly wings! What do you think? OK, I guess it's a little crazy but definitely unforgettable.
#RecycleYourPeriodPads; Poise thin shape pads

Now, about the new  Poise® Thin-Shape Pads:
• Women deserve the best options for managing LBL so Poise brand has introduced new Poise Thin-Shape pads, which are up to 40% thinner than original Poise brand pads and are made specifically for bladder leaks with the trusted absorbency of Poise brand.
• Designed to move with your body, new Poise Thin-Shape pads feature Super Absorbent Material (SAM) and a Thin-Flex design for extraordinary protection that’s still 3x drier than period pads*† to help you take care of leaks with confidence.
*vs. leading regular size period products, where most needed

In case you actually may want to make this craft:
#RecycleYourPeriodPad, Poise pads, Poise Thin Shape pads; LBL

Butterfly Anatomy Craft
Foam Board
Old unused feminine pads
Tempera Paint
Empty toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
White Cardstock
Glue and Glue Sticks
Pipe cleaners
2 Pom Poms
 2 Googly Eyes
Jeweled decorations
This craft is designed as a visual aid in teaching young children the basic anatomy of a butterfly. I will be using it for my B is for Butterfly preschool lesson.
  • Open up the clean, unused old period pads.
  • Paint 8 of them with bright colors. Let them dry.They will make up the wings of the butterfly. 
  • Cover toilet paper rolls with three different colors of construction paper. Two rolls can be used at their regular size. The one that will be the head should be cut to a smaller size.
  • Glue the body of the butterfly to the foam board. Dry.
  • Arrange the "wings" to see what angle you would like them to be. Cut them to size (whatever size that appeals to you.) 
  • Remove the paper backing and stick the "wings" on the foam board.
  • Glue on googly eyes, pipe cleaners for antennas, pom poms.
  • Using cardstock paper, make labels for the body parts and print them out.
  • Cut out the words and arrows and glue them to your diagram.
  • Done!
And, back to our Poise LBL #RecycleYourPeriodPad campaign. After all, that is how this silly butterfly craft idea got started! 

If you have  LBL, let me encourage you to try Poise® Thin Shape pads. You won't be sorry. Just get a free sample and see what you think. I am guessing that you will really like them and, like me, won't want to go back to the old style. If that's what you decide, no worries. There are lots of fun, crazy things you can do with the old making butterflies...or, you can just throw them away. 

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