Ducks 'n a Row: Steak Salad with Bacon Blue Cheese Dressing

28 September 2015

Steak Salad with Bacon Blue Cheese Dressing

By Sinea Pies

This delicious, low carb steak salad was created from "left-overs" We had grilled a sizzling rib eye steak for dinner the night before and there was plenty remaining to be able to make another delightful meal. So I whipped up some bacon blue cheese salad dressing, reheated and cut the steak, tossed it on some crispy greens and, voila - dinner!

Steak Salad Recipe

Romaine lettuce mix
Steak, precooked
Bacon Blue Cheese Dressing
Crumbled cooked bacon
Black Olives - optional

Reheat steak in a non stick skillet until warmed through.
Slice up the steak.
Place lettuce mix on a large dinner plate.
Cut tomato into bite size pieces.
Organize the steak and tomato on top - black olives if you like them.
Generously laddle on your homemade Bacon Blue Cheese Dressing.

This salad is low carbohydrate and absolutely delicious! 

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