Ducks 'n a Row: Keeping Your Pumpkins Fresh

09 October 2015

Keeping Your Pumpkins Fresh

By Sinea Pies

Keep your pumpkin decorations fresh longer - four techniques!

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Pumpkins make such pretty autumn decorations. I love them in groupings on the front porch or even as a centerpiece on a long table. Whether you carve them or keep them intact, you are racing against time. Soon, your decorations will decay and the beauty will be lost. It is inevitable. But you can move "sooner" to "later" if you plan ahead! 

Here are some household hints to help you get longer life out of your pumpkins...

- Spray with lemon juice. 
After you've carved your pumpkin, spray inside and out. Repeat every couple of days to increase longevity.

- Treat with a bleach solution. 
Combine 1 T bleach with 1 quart of water. Pour into a squirt bottle. Wipe the pumpkin clean and then spray with the solution. Allow to dry.

- Refrigerate them.
Bring your pumpkins in at night and keep in a cool place. A cold garage is a perfect location or, if they are small enough, even in the refrigerator. 

- Carve from the back, not the top.
Typically, people cut the top off their pumpkin to make a lid. Try cutting a hole in the back, instead. The top is strongest part of the pumpkin and will keep it in shape longer if it is not dislodged.

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