Ducks 'n a Row: Letter C is for Cat Preschool Lesson and Craft

16 October 2015

Letter C is for Cat Preschool Lesson and Craft

By Sinea Pies

Children are fascinated by cats. The Letter C is for Cat preschool lesson was so much fun. We impersonated cats, learned fun facts about cats, sung about cats and made a colorful cat craft.

preschool craft, about cats for preschoolers

I don't have a cat. The little I know about them comes from movies I've seen like "That Darn Cat" or "The Three Lives Of Thomasina" both of the ancient Disney variety (1960's.)

I do know that little children are fascinated by cats and learning the letter C couldn't be more fun than when you use "CATS" as the focus.

Our letter C day was comprised of several related activities:

Letter C is for Cat preschool crafts and lesson; cat, kitten, crafts

  • Face Painting - we held off this part till later in the day so their parents could see how cute they looked. Those who wanted us to paint whiskers on their faces and a dot on their noses, could. I had a handheld mirror for them to see what they looked like. About half of my students wanted it and half did not.
  • Letter C Craft - this craft is very colorful. I really like the one I found on Pinterest using "cat colored" pom poms but all I had were the multicolored. No problem. It was still fun to make. (Instructions below)
  • All about Cats lesson / discussion - I made a page, printed on cardstock, as a visual aid to talk about the different characteristics of house cats.  Fun Facts About Cats by Science Kids
  • What they like and what they do:  
    • CATS LOVE toys. 
    • CATS LOVE to scratch & climb. 
    • CATS love to eat. 
    • CATS love to watch. 
    • CATS love to sleep (catnap) 
    • CATS PURR when they're happy. 
Then I covered each fact with a piece a paper to tear off as they correctly guessed it and we'd discuss. So much fun! (Free printable below)
  • All about Cats short video - this video is a great companion for the Cats lesson. Perfect for 3 and 4 year olds. It is included in this post for you to see and perhaps use.
  • Soft Kitty Song - yes, many of us learned this little song from Big Bang Theory. Sheldon's mom sung it to him whenever he was sick or could not sleep. Perfect song for sweet little children. Perfect for C is for Cat! We sang it again and again. (Lyrics below)
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Letter C Preschool Craft
Printed letter C on cardstock
Cat ears & nose cut out of colored paper
6 short pipe cleaners for whiskers
googly eyes
Pom Poms
White glue
Q Tips
Small paper cup for the glue.

Make a sample for your students to see.
Discuss with your children that they are turning a letter C into a cat!
Have them run their finger tracing the letter C.
Have them glue the ears, eyes and nose on using a Qtip dipped in glue.
Now have them glue on the pipe cleaners (they may need a little help from you.)
Glue pom poms around the C for decoration. 

preschool craft

C is for Cat

All About Cats LESSON
Cover each section of this visual aid with a piece of paper. I used red so that the kids could not see through them. Then - on each section - I taped one side and used a paperclip on the other end making it easy to remove and reveal the fun facts about cats one by one.
Letter C is for Cat

All About Cats VIDEO
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Soft Kitty Song Lyrics

"Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty,
little ball of fur.

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty,
purr, purr, purr."

I do hope you use this lesson about cats. Your kids will love it! If you've done C is for Cat too recently, try my C is for Caterpillar Craft and Very Hungry Caterpillar Graphing Activity for Preschoolers!

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