Ducks 'n a Row: Making Dinosaur Eggs for Preschool

25 October 2015

Making Dinosaur Eggs for Preschool

By Sinea Pies

D is for Dinosaur is a fun preschool lesson with so many possibilities. Our favorite activity was to break open "fossilized" dinosaur eggs. You can make your own at home and here's how:

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One of our favorite activities on Letter D is for Dinosaur day was to use a hammer to break open a pretend fossilized dinosaur egg. Three and four year olds love the excitement of discovering just what dinosaur is in the rock, which they were allowed to take home! You can make some at home for a fun dinosaur discovery of your own. 

how to make dinosaur eggs for preschool D is for Dinosaur lesson

How To Make Dinosaur Eggs 
4 cups dirt
1 cup sand
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
12-14 little plastic dinosaur toys
Makes 12-14 dinosaur eggs

how to make dinosaur eggs - preschool

If you are using dirt from your garden, sort out roots and other unwanted particles to make it a purer mixture. 
Combine dirt, sand, flour and salt in a big mixing bowl.
Add water to the consistency of a stiff, thick dough.
Take a hunk of dirt-dough in your hand, knead it.
Put a depression in the middle.
Insert plastic dinosaur toy.
Press and roll the ball with your hands like a meatball.
Put it on a tray to sit and dry for 3-4 days.

Dinosaur Egg Lesson  
Teach your children about paleontologists and how they dig for dinosaur bones.
Pretend that you have found a fossilized dinosaur egg or a fossilized dinosaur. Help the little ones use a lightweight hammer to gently crack it open and make the discovery!

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Special Attraction: we watched the adorable Sesame Street Dinosaur DVD featuring Elmo which teaches it in such a fun way. This video is the perfect companion-piece to this lesson.

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