Ducks 'n a Row: Preschool Game - Butterfly Picture Hunt

04 October 2015

Preschool Game - Butterfly Picture Hunt

By Sinea Pies

This game is not just for a butterfly theme. You can use any topic that works for your kids. In fact, I have plans to do it again in a couple of weeks for D is for Dinosaur! What I can tell you is that 3 and 4 year olds love it as much as an Easter Egg Hunt!  

This game was a spur-of-the-moment replacement for our motion time. The weather was rainy so going outdoors was not possible. I wanted to get my kids out of the classroom into a different environment but the gymnasium was occupied, too. So, I used this as an opportunity for a mini-adventure and a way to help them to get to know their classmates a tiny bit better.

First, our preschool theme that day was B is for Butterfly. I had pre-purchased a pack of butterfly pictures from the Dollar Tree, not knowing exactly what I'd do with them but, hey, they were $1! (They also had dinosaurs, so I have a pack stashed away for Letter D week!) There are 36 pictures to a pack and I have 12 students. Perfect. 
butterfly picture hunt game for preschool

How To Play the Butterfly Picture Hunt Game

Pack of butterfly pictures
Small photos of the children, printed on cardstock and cut out.
Small brown paper lunch bags* 
*I cut them in half for ease of use

Print photos of the students onto cardstock  -- one of each -- and glue them to the back of 12 of the butterflies. The rest remain blank. 

Have someone spread the butterflies around a large area. We used the school foyer for our game.

Handing a small brown paper bag to each child, give them the instructions to go find butterflies and put them in their bags. When you get back to the classroom, have them explore whether any have someone's picture on it. If they do, they should find that person and give it to them. They can bring theirs home.*

I prepared my students that, if a friend couldn't find any, the good thing to do was to help their friends. No need, though. Everyone found some!

Did you read about the exciting B is for Butterfly day we had? This game was just a small part of a very big day. 

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