Ducks 'n a Row: Regrow Lettuce Right On Your Kitchen Counter

12 October 2015

Regrow Lettuce Right On Your Kitchen Counter

By Sinea Pies

It's true! You CAN regrow lettuce right in your kitchen. So easy. Lots of fun. Here's how:

regrowing vegetables

Believe it or not, there are a whole lot of vegetables that will regrow for you, right in your kitchen! When I first heard about it I saw a photo of romaine lettuce regrowing in a shallow bowl of water. I believed it -- but part of me was saying "really???"  I had to try it myself. 

As you see, my experiment proved them right. Yes, you CAN regrow romaine lettuce right on your kitchen counter. It is simple as placing the cut stalk in a shallow bowl of water and watching it grow! 

fun kitchen tips, kitchen hacks, lettuce

If you plan to do this, don't let it go too long. That was my mistake. Eventually growth stops and they begin to dry out, even with replenishing the water supply. 

The two stalks in these photos were fresh and lovely for another 3 or 4 days but then it was time to cut them and put them on a sandwich. Their shelf life was coming to an end.

What vegetables can be regrown?
bok choy
carrot greens
garlic sprouts
romaine lettuce

regrow Romaine lettuce

Got any fun kitchen hacks to share with us?

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