Ducks 'n a Row: Yummly - A Food Blogger's Dream Come True!

01 October 2015

Yummly - A Food Blogger's Dream Come True!

By Sinea Pies

Yummly is a dream come true for food bloggers. Whether you exclusively write for a recipe blog or pen the occasional food-related post, each recipe that you share has exponential possibilities when Yummly is in the equation.

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First let me tell you, I had been resisting Yummly. Here's why: as a blogger, I was overwhelmed with so much social media. No room for more. It was exhausting trying to keep up with all of them. So, I had mentally drawn a line. Then, Christina talked to me.

As a regular contributor to Christina's recipe blog It Is A Keeper, I was looking for my recipes to bring lots of new traffic to Ducks 'n a Row. It wasn't happening. Now, I did get that big boost from my Pink Lemonade Pie bonanza, but that was just one post. I was looking for a regular increase in traffic for all the effort I was putting forth writing for another blog. 

When I shared my disappointment with Christina, she asked me the big question "Are you on Yummly?"  When I said "no" she strongly encouraged me to give it a try. 

Yummly isn't social media in the sense of what we commonly think. Yummly is a recipe sharing platform. We save the recipes we love. How do we do that? We "Yum" them (i.e. click the Yum button.) The recipes we Yum go right into our own database where we can access them by categories anytime we want them. Here is my Yummly Page: Ducks 'n a Row on Yummly

Benefit #1 Everyone can take part, not just bloggers. But food bloggers get a huge extra benefit: the great big food-loving world out there will yumming (saving) OUR recipes to their accounts. Traffic! 

Quick results? Oh yeah. I kid you not. It took a day. Just one day, for me to realize that Yummly is a powerful source of exposure - and traffic - for our recipes. Every day since that wonderful first day I have had an additional 100 - 500 new views straight from Yummly. And I am not even officially a Yummly publisher yet. 

Benefit #2 Yummly regularly shares awesome recipes from their publishers - that could be you or me!- on their own social media. Yummly is on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, YouTube and Pinterest. Yummly is VERY POPULAR on social media - wait till you see how many followers they have!

So, let me share with you a brief rundown of how it works for bloggers.
  • Sign up for your free account. It is quick and easy.
  • Start yumming recipes that you like wherever you see them.
  • Add a YUM button to your blog for people to YUM your recipes. Make it available with every recipe post. You can either add it manually to each post or you can add it through Shareaholic or a similar app.  How To Add A Yum Button
So stop by Yummly and enjoy the fun of using it for yourself and getting your recipes shared. You will see results. "Get ready, get set, YUM!"
Note: the three recipes in the image above are mine and they would ♥ to be Yummed! Hint hint! So, after you set up your account, come back here and practice by Yumming them - or any of my other recipes. Thanks!

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