Ducks 'n a Row: Great Gift Ideas for Food Bloggers - and Foodies, too!

29 November 2015

Great Gift Ideas for Food Bloggers - and Foodies, too!

By Sinea Pies

Food blogging is not just a pastime ... it is an artform. Not only does it require cooking prowess for their work to stand out but they need an eye for design and photographic skill.
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Food bloggers love what they do. They love to cook - they love to bake - they love to entertain. Food bloggers enjoy the bells and whistles, too. You know - the tools and trimmings that bring their work to another level. They love gadgetry, time-saving gizmos and lavish sets for their "stage" - the table!

Find a special gift for the food writer in your life this season and don't stop with these gift ideas. There are so many creative ways to show your appreciation by exploring mood-lighting, fabrics, foliage, unique locations for their pictures and on and on. 90% of success for internet writers is visual. "One picture is worth 1000 words."  - author unknown. The rest comes with rich content. 

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Kitchen Gadgets {Best Sellers} there seems to be no end to the variety of nifty little utensils and contraptions for kitchen FUN! This list is by no means comprehensive (how could it be?) but it gives you a good jumpstart. Think about what your food blogger (or foodie) likes to make most. That is a good place to start. Then venture out to what they may not be making for the lack of just the right thing. Go there!
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Photographs: online, Pinterest and Yummly are two champions in social media that bolster food posts to the highest heights. The best photo wins! Help your food blogger do it with the best equipment. Cameras, lighting kits to set the stage and education are a winning trio! 
*Picmonkey is a free photo editing website that bloggers cannot do without. Paying for a premium membership as a gift would be so cool!

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Research: there are so many rich resources that help chefs and bloggers to improve their craft. Cookbooks, books on food photography, cooking magazines and classes (photography and cooking) are all great sources of enrichment that food bloggers love!

Staging: what separates the amateurs from the pros? In the blogging world - imagery! Food bloggers don't need four or more place settings. One or two will do. Plates of all kinds and sizes along with interesting glassware, placemats, tablecloths, napkins, vases, candles and trays make for photos that "wow" their audience. Yes, it is a show! 

Out of the box ideas: Unique pieces of wood, burlap or marble can make for excellent backdrops on the "food blog set." How about a decorative tray? Use your imagination. 
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Here are some props you can get for them to stage a great photo session:
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Note: this post contains affiliate links. Any purchase you make from Amazon or Picmonkey will result in a small commission for me. In advance, "thank you!" ... Sinea

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