Ducks 'n a Row: Letter D is for Dinosaur Preschool Craft

02 November 2015

Letter D is for Dinosaur Preschool Craft

By Sinea Pies

One of my favorite letter lessons is Letter D is for Dinosaur. Fun craft, excellent hands-on activity and loads of learning fun!


This craft was one of the highlights of our D is for Dinosaur day in our preschool class, along with the ever-popular DIY Dinosaur Egg Learning Activity.

The key to the success of this paper plate craft is two-fold.
  • ONE:  Mark each plate with a pattern prior to class. 
  • TWO: Plan the painting portion for early morning and the construction phase for afternoon when the paint has dried.
  • Tip #1: for a large group of children, write their names on the plate BEFORE painting so that you can tell them apart.
  • Tip #2: have at least one extra plate pattern handy in case someone makes a "boo boo."
D is for Dinosaur; kids crafts

Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft
White Paper Plates
Tempera Paint
Large Marshmallows
Black marker

Step 1 gather your supplies - draw the pattern on the BACK of the plates - cut sponges into smaller rectangles for easy use.
Step 2 sponge paint the foundation color on the FRONT of the plate
Step 3 using marshmallows dot contrasting colored dots on it. Let dry.
Step 4 Cut the lines on the back of the dry plate.
Step 5 Assemble using clear tape.

dinosaurs; paper plate crafts

Wait till you see the various looks your little ones come up with!
I was tickled with all the personality that showed up in each and every one.

The dinosaur with the white body is an example of a "save." Miss E had a scissor-happy time and her dinosaur body was destroyed. So we grabbed a white plate to cut her a new body and she made a very attractive, "designer" version that we all loved! Happy little preschooler? Priceless!

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dinosaur preschool activity

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