Ducks 'n a Row: T is for Turkey Preschool Toilet Paper Craft

23 November 2015

T is for Turkey Preschool Toilet Paper Craft

By Sinea Pies

T is for Turkey is a perfect alphabet theme for preschool and kindergarten age children. This Letter T craft also goes well with a Thanksgiving lesson.

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Each school year we move up our Letter T lesson to coincide with Thanksgiving. This year I chose a craft for my preschoolers that was abundantly simple to do. The T is for Turkey Tissue Craft and our Tee Pee Preschool Craft are also great projects but this year we had so much going on that I needed one that would take less time. It worked out perfectly. Aren't they cute?

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To assure victory, I pre-cut the feathers and other body parts: wattle, snood, beak, turkey feet. Then I glued the wattle, beak and snood into one piece so that placement would be easy.  Even so, we had some unique placements on a couple of these works of art. My favorite has to be the one with eyeballs on the feathers (below.) So adorable.
kids crafts, turkey craft, toilet paper roll craft, preschool

T is for Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft
preschool crafts, kindergarten crafts, kids activities, Thanksgiving, turkey


colored paper: red, yellow, goldenrod, orange
empty toilet paper roll
googly eyes
glue stick
child safe scissors

-Cut out four feather shapes - one from each color paper.
-Glue the four feathers together at the tip, making a "fan"
-Cut out an orange triangle (beak) and
-Elongated and roundish "squiggly" pieces from red paper (snood and wattle)
-Glue the three pieces so that the larger red part (wattle) is on the bottom, orange beak next and red elongate piece (snood) on top. Make sure the tip of the beak shows. This piece will be much easier for your little ones to handle. Older children can do it themselves.
-Rub (liberally) a long line of glue from your glue stick down one side of the toilet paper roll. 
-Lay the glued side on the fan of feathers till it sticks. 
-Glue on two googly eyes and "snood, beak, wattle" piece.
-Draw two forked "turkey feet" on yellow or orange paper and cut them out.
-Glue on the feet.

Tip: be certain that the toilet paper roll is glued onto the feathers low enough that it will stand up unaided. 

Tip: take a moment to talk about turkeys so that they know what a wattle, beak and snood are. You may want to find a picture book to show them or get a photo off the internet. 

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