Ducks 'n a Row: Yummy Holiday Cookie Recipes

26 November 2015

Yummy Holiday Cookie Recipes

By Sinea Pies

cookies, holiday cookies

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our holiday cookie roundup! Below each picture, you will find links that take you directly to the post where the recipe is found and you can also pin them from there.

Cookies are a year 'round treat that are especially plentiful during the holiday season. Baking cookies is a fun group event.  Roll out that dough and cut the different shapes together. Pop them in the oven and don't forget the decorations! 

Cookie baking generates warm fuzzy feelings that great memories are built on.  I love to create a festive holiday atmosphere by playing Christmas music in the room as we bake. 

Think back to what it was like as a child to smell those great smells from the oven and sneak by the counter to grab one, "unnoticed?"  Of course, moms know everything! She planned for your little snatch 'n grab all along--you can count on it!

cookie recipe, M&M cookies

As you are baking these outstanding recipes and stockpiling the goodies for the big event, remember what it is all about... 

It is all about making fond memories to tell our children's children about...while we making new ones. :)

swirl cookies, sugar cookies

cookie recipe, chocolate cookie recipe, billionaire cookie

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Photo credit: 
Stealing a cookie by Key Foster on Flickr Creative Commons 

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