Ducks 'n a Row: H is for Helicopter Preschool Craft

06 December 2015

H is for Helicopter Preschool Craft

 Letter H is for Helicopter craft made with popsicle sticks, cotton balls, colored paper and lots of glue! This craft works very well for H is for Help, too!

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The Letter H lesson in my preschool class last week was based on the word HELP. We learned about all sorts of ways people can get and give help. We studied first responders as well: firemen, police officers, life guards, crossing guards, doctors, nurses ... we really worked H is for Help up one side and down the other. 

I got a great book about helicopters to read to my little students. We learned that helicopters are often used to rescue people and animals. Another letter H word!

Quite by accident, I discovered that one of our classroom dads is an Army Chaplain. When she saw the photo of a big military helicopter carrying a heavy vehicle, little Miss E cried out "My daddy does that!"  That was a fun moment :)

To fill out the lesson we learned the simpler parts of the aircraft: cockpit, tail boom, tail fin, rotors and landing skids. And then we made this simple craft! 

kids lesson on helicopters with craft

H is for Helicopter Preschool Craft

Light blue card stock
Colored paper: white, goldenrod, red
Popsicle sticks
Cotton balls
Black marker
Glue sticks
White glue

Label the blue cardstock "H is for Helicopter" - optional
Print templates for the helicopter
Goldenrod or yellow paper for Tail Boom and Body
White paper for Cockpit
Red paper for Tail Fin
Cut out the parts
Glue the helicopter parts onto the blue cardstock using glue stick.
Take two or three cotton balls and stretch them a little.
Glue Stick them on for clouds.
Using white glue, paste one popsicle stick on for the first rotor blade.
Add a big blob of glue into the middle of that stick, making an "X"
Draw in the line connecting the rotor blade to the body of the helicopter.
Draw in the landing skids.

Free Helicopter Craft Printables

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