Ducks 'n a Row: Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

18 December 2015

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

This paper plate craft is fun for all ages. In just a few simple steps a paper plate is transformed into a conic Christmas tree! Easy enough for preschoolers :)

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When I first discovered this craft, I said "We have to do this in my preschool class. They will love it!" You see, each year my little kiddos make a Snowman Playdough Craft, which we did again this year.  It is such a great take-home that can be put on display. I even give them a little winter-scape mat to put them on. The Christmas tree craft can be a compliment to go with their snowmen or looks great on its own and it is really, really easy and fun to do.

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Miss N is so proud of her lovely Christmas tree! 

Since my students are 3 years old, I simplified the process by making the cones in advance.  They loved painting them using little sponges and tempera paint. 
I bought rectangular sponges from the Dollar Tree and cut them into 6 squares each - a perfect size for little hands.

After painting their trees with green paint, we let them dry for a couple of hours. When we came back, we used multi-colored pom poms dipped in white school glue to be the ornaments. Then we added more glue using cotton swabs as brushes. We sprinkled some glitter on it and, voila,  a lovely decoration.

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How To Make a Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Plain white paper plates
Cellophane Tape
Pom Poms
White Glue

Cut a "pie wedge" out of the plate.
Fold the larger part of the plate around and fasten with tape inside, forming a cone.
Dip a small sponge in green tempera paint and pat or rub the cone till it is covered.
Let it dry.
Next: dip pom poms in white school glue.
Place them as ornaments on the tree.
Paint glue in dots or squiggles on other parts of the tree.
Sprinkle glitter on them.

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