Ducks 'n a Row: Don't Hesitate - Have FUN! Light Bladder Leakage Won't Keep You Down #MyPoiseMoment

15 January 2016

Don't Hesitate - Have FUN! Light Bladder Leakage Won't Keep You Down #MyPoiseMoment

Life has its changes, that is true. Our bodies change, too. But that shouldn't stop us from living. Let me tell you about #MyPoiseMoment and how light bladder leakage is no longer my concern.

DEAL: members save $4.00 on Poise panty liners at Sam's Club.

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Ladies, as our bodies change some annoyances, such as LBL, may come with it. In fact, 1 in 3 women suffer from LBL (light bladder leakage.) And it's not just for old people. Almost half of all LBL sufferers are under 40!  But LBL doesn't have to determine how we live. We can love life and be just as active as always, without fear of an embarrassing moment. How? Do what I did – try Poise very light absorbency panty liners

My days are very active. I do the normal “mom things.” I clean the house, grocery shop, work in the garden and walk the dog. Yes, I carry baskets of laundry up and down stairs, too. And, I teach 13 little preschoolers every week. I am on the move! LBL is not getting me down, thanks to Poise panty liners. I used to think that period pads were just fine but they are thicker and don't really keep me dry. These liners are ultra thin, ultra absorbent and I truly almost forget they are there – that's how well they work.

Poise incontinence panty liners stay 3X drier than leading regular size feminine care liners where needed most because they are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). The Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away wetness and protects against incontinence odor to help keep you fresh and dry. Now THINNER, same Protection.

There are so many fun things that Poise pads allow me to do, now, without concern. Just this week I lead my class in a frolicking game of ring around the rosey. We sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” many times through, with all the bending and motions...and I was leading them! I lifted 3 year olds all day long and took them way down the school hall to go “potty” (them, not me) a zillion times, I am sure. I was confident and comfortable all the way through. I love it! Next time it snows, I will be right outside with my kids having fun right with them, too. Nothing is stopping me!

Have you ever laughed so hard that you “almost peed your pants?” I have! Well, laugh away dear ladies. With POISE no one will ever know if your laughter caused a little leak. You will be perfectly fine!
#MyPoiseMoment, LBL

Now, I am not particularly shy. My goodness, I even took pictures at Sam's Club when I bought my Poise panty liners. Talk about calling attention to what you are doing! LOL But if you are timid, Sam's Club has made it so easy for you. 

With a Sam's Club membership you can use their subscription services. Set up your orders in advance,  have product shipped to you at the time you set. Change it at any time. You never have to go to the store! They thought of everything. So, why wait?

SAVE: members save $4.00 on Poise panty liners at Sam's Club.

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