Ducks 'n a Row: Feeling Defeated? Try An "I Did It" List!

09 January 2016

Feeling Defeated? Try An "I Did It" List!

Hey, moms - what do you do with days that run away from you? Not only does the to-do list not get done it, may have never get written! That's when an "I Did It" list comes in very handy.  You will feel so much better!

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Those who have been with me for a while know that I love lists! They are roadmaps to success. There are times that I have lists for my lists, that's how much I love them. 

But what is a mother to do with the days that you never even get to making a list? Life piles up on you and you can't find paper or pen or even a thought toward what "to-do?" Those are the days that list-making should wait till the clock is winding down and you see the end in sight. Sundown? Kids in bed? Whatever time you can sit back, put your feet up and recollect, that's when you do it. 

I must say, it has been a long time since I've had to do this ... so long ago that I almost forgot I ever had. Then I read a post on So Damn Domestic by Bailey of Tiny House Growing Family (Bailey lives in a portable 200-ish square foot house so do not EVER say you don't have enough room again! LOL) She calls it an Upside Down List. The memories came rushing back. Days like that are an organizer's nightmare but they do happen.  

At the end of a rough day we all need a sense of "where'd the time go?" We didn't spend it doing nothing and yet we don't have much to show for it. Laundry may be piling high. Dishes are still in the sink. The mail is unopened or strewn all over the kitchen counter. It looks like we took a vacation but the day was nothing like a vacation -- we're exhausted! So, pour your favorite beverage, get out a pen and paper and write a list of what you did all day, starting with waking up in the morning. 

It will look something like this - each bullet checked off because you already did it:
√ Woke up
√ Showered
√ Got dressed
√ Prepared breakfast
√ Phone rang - grandpa's car broke down
√ Swaddled the kids up in their clothes
√ Grabbed diaper bag, phone, purse and car keys
√ Loaded kids in car
√ Picked grandpa up
√ Called a tow truck
√ Took grandpa home -talked him out of us waiting for his car at the garage all day
√ Fed grandpa, kids and me
√ Let the dog outside
√ Let the dog inside
√ Realized I never fed the dog ... fed the dog
√ Phone rang
√ Little Kenzie's scout troop leader is sick. Can I sub? Sure. Of course.
√ Created emergency scout troop plan for the evening
√ Evening plans changed - now I'm a scout leader
√ Hubby had to work late.
√ Called Laura to watch the kids while Kenzie and I go to scouts.
√ Pack stuff for kids to take to Laura's - including dinner!
√ Fun scout meeting – remember never to do it again (LOL – OK not really)
√ Home again
√ Kids: baths, teeth, jammies, stories, hugs 'n kisses, sleepy-bye
√ Hubby came home-tired. Needs a snack. Too tired to find one himself. 
   OK, I'll do it.
√ Finally - "me time"!

See? Was your day FULL? Was it anything you thought it should be? Not really. Days like this could use a list at the end to tell you what you DID accomplish. Make your "I Did It" list, check everything off and take a look. 
You will feel lots better!

Got any tips on how you handle a crazy day?

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