Ducks 'n a Row: Scheduling Is Easy With TeamSnap

13 January 2016

Scheduling Is Easy With TeamSnap

By Sinea Pies

Schedule your group's events with ease with TeamSnap! Try it for free - no credit card needed!
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Moms do it. Coaches, too. Principals have to. You name it: scout troops, drama clubs, choirs, sports teams, dance groups, schools, churches and organizations of all kinds schedule events, practices, meetings and fundraisers and must get that information to their groups. When it is important for a group of people be somewhere at a special time, someone will have to plan and communicate it.

May I say that I have lots of planning and scheduling experience? First, I am a mom - need I say more? At one time I was also a synchronized swim coach. And I've been a high school guidance counselor, elementary school administrator, preschool teacher and a board member of a nonprofit. Oh yes, I've run my own business, too. Believe me, scheduling groups of people is second nature to me. I've done it over and over again.

sports teams, clubs, schools, scheduling

The frustration that I faced in many of these roles was in gathering and disseminating information easily and accurately. School was especially challenging. With over 25 teachers and support staff plus up to 300 students and their families to schedule for any given activity, it was smooth sailing if nothing changed. Try getting THAT to happen! Change was normal! Outdoor sports can get postponed due to weather. Indoor activities can be rescheduled for any set of reasons. Life has "moving parts."

When I first looked at TeamSnap I found myself getting a wee bit jealous. I sure could have used TeamSnap "way back when." With TeamSnap, scheduled events - like sports practices - can be announced and, if need be, changed at a moment's notice. Everyone knows with one click. Team member can't make it? He can get back to the coach through the app almost instantaneously! 

Now, I love this feature: TeamSnap can keep track of money. If your team members have fees due, no problem! You can keep track of who has paid and who has not with TeamSnap, as well. They have thought of everything. Easy scheduling. Easy communicating. Easy tracking of payments... you name it! 

Easy setup, too; it takes moments to do.  I created an imaginary team so that I could see just how simple it is. Here is my first scheduled event - a team practice. See the checkbox at the bottom? If it were real, I could send the update to the entire team with one check mark! 

TeamSnap mobile app...

If you are the leader of any group, try TeamSnap for free. Just go over and check it out. No credit card needed. I really think you are going to love it. 

This post was sponsored by TeamSnap - all the opinions are 100% my own!

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