Ducks 'n a Row: Complete Outfits Grab and Go - Evening Routine To Streamline Your Mornings!

26 February 2016

Complete Outfits Grab and Go - Evening Routine To Streamline Your Mornings!

Need a quick start to your morning? Organize yourself tonight for a great tomorrow - streamline your efforts with this evening routine. 

Looking for new ways to do things better? Me too! One area I have targeted lately is getting ready for work in the morning. I have always been in the habit of knowing what I will bring for lunch or having lesson plans together, ready to go. What I did not do well was getting me ready.

Our schedule is such that I am usually getting dressed in the dark, while hubby is still sleeping. Dark bedrooms and quality fashion decisions do not work well together - not at all. I should be glad that my socks matched! 

And then I had an "ah ha" moment.  I was shopping at my favorite clothing store thinking "One of the reasons I love this place is that they display whole outfits together, accessories and all." My mind scooted over to my closet. At that moment I "saw" my daily outfits hung together, each on its own hanger. Tops, bottoms, jewelry, hosiery. That was it! I would combine outfits on hangers with jewelry included wherever possible. Less to pull together in the morning. Decisions made long in advance. So much time saved!

Hang jewelry over the top of the hanger. If that won't work, place it in a plastic sandwich bag. Punch a hole through the top of the bag and run it over the top of the hanger. Done!

To do this for my winter wardrobe, I folded sweaters and hung them across the bar of the hanger, so the sweaters would not stretch out. Till now I never hung sweaters.  I did not want them to get out of shape. This method works!

Summer clothes organizing can be accomplished in the very same way. No fuss. No muss.

Tomorrow I teach my preschool class. I will wear my bright yellow sweater with black jeans, hoop earrings, wristwatch, black flat shoes and trouser socks.

What tricks of the trade have you come up with to make your days go smoother? Share your tips with us!
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