Ducks 'n a Row: Letter Q is for Queen Preschool Lesson and Paper Bag Puppet Craft

05 February 2016

Letter Q is for Queen Preschool Lesson and Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Letter Q preschool lesson is not as easy to pull together as it may seem. I was thrilled when I found a free printable for a queen paper bag puppet. It was the perfect craft for letter Q! So Q is for Queen became the theme of the day.

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As I sat down with my little class to talk about the mysteries of the letter Q, we began by talking about what it looks like. As I only had one day to discuss this wondrous letter, we concentrated on capital letter Q. 

First, I wrote the letter C on the board and asked them "what letter is this?" They all chimed in "C"  Then I closed it up and they yelled "O"  Then I showed them the squiggly that makes an O turn into a Q. 

Finally, we talked about words that start with the letter Q. We touched upon Quail, Quarter, Quick, Quack, one of my favorites "Quiet" and Q-Tip. We eventually made our way to our topic of the day - Queen.

I asked them what a Queen was. 
"King, but a girl."
We even discussed the concept of authority.
Queens (in theory) have authority. "They tell you what to do and you have to do it!"

I printed out photos of the most famous queen alive today: Queen Elizabeth 
Letter Q is for Queen preschool lesson, paper bag puppet craft

My smart little kiddos were quick to answer my "queen" questions:
"What is a queen's house called?" Castle
"What is her chair called?" Throne
"What does she ride in?" Carriage
"What does she usually wear on her head?" Crown
"Who protects and fights for her?" Knights 
I printed out photos of each for visual aids.

Finally, we made our paper bag puppets!

Paper Bag Puppet Craft
This craft is very easy and fun to do.

FREE Queen printable
White cardstock
Glue stick
White school glue
Paper sandwich bag

kids crafts, puppets

  • Print the Q is for Queen printable on white card stock.
  • Color the queen.
  • Cut out the queen into two parts.
  • Glue a jewel to the top of the crown using white school glue.
  • Place the paper bag, flap up, on a hard surface.
  • Lift the flap and glue stick liberally.
  • Press the chin/mouth part of the queen's face on the glue. Take care not to glue the bag shut. You want the mouth to open and close.
  • Now close the flap and glue-stick the brown square on the bag like crazy!
  • Press the top of her head on that part, aim it so that the upper part of her lip covers the tongue. You should only see the tongue when the puppet's mouth moves.
  • Done!

As I said, the letter Q has lots of possibilities but I was stretched to find enough material for any given Q word. As a result we read books on more than one Q topic:


In addition, we did a great Q-Tip Painting activity.  The kids had lots of fun. I love painting other ways than just paint and paint brush. So far we have used plastic forks, marshmallows, shaving cream, sponges and now q-tips!

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