Ducks 'n a Row: Recipe Share Party - Yum and Get Yummed!

04 February 2016

Recipe Share Party - Yum and Get Yummed!

This is a Recipe Sharing party.
Share your best recipe below.
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If you blog at all about food, I am hoping this will be the 
you've ever been to!
Here is how it goes:
Share just ONE recipe post from your blog, below.
Visit all of the recipes shared.
Simply YUM them by clicking the Yummly button on their page. 
(I use Yummly so much that I added a Yum "bookmarklet" [i.e button]  to my toolbar so that I can Yum any recipe I want to, even if they don't have a Yum button!)

Tip: Feel free to share the recipes in other ways as well but 
Yumming will go faster if you "yum and move on" to the next.

If you are unfamiliar with Yummly please read the post below. 
You will be so glad!

Recipes get LOTS of traffic when they are Yummed.
If you post recipes on your blog, you will soon love Yummly.

Example: my blog is not just a food blog. I write about many topics. Even so, this month I have had 973 pageviews from Yummly alone. There have been some months that I receive thousands of pageviews from that one source! 

Party opens Thursday 9:00am and ends Saturday 11:55pm so spread the news and come back again and again.

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