Ducks 'n a Row: Recipe Sharing Party - Yum!

11 February 2016

Recipe Sharing Party - Yum!

Last week's recipe sharing party went quite well for a first-time event. Hoping to see even more action this week. :)


This is a FUN report:  One of our friends, Dawn of the great recipe blog Spatulas on Parade, emailed me with thanks for the tip about Yummly. She installed a Yum button on just three recipes and within 6 days had 113 views directly from Yummly! She is excited. 

From experience, I can attest that those food bloggers who install a Yum button on their blog find that even old recipes start to draw traffic. In fact, I would recommend that after you do add a Yum button, revisit your older recipe posts that are real winners and Yum them. Next, start to share them on blog parties. There will be a whole new resurgence of interest.


This week we are making some adjustments to our party guidelines. 
  1. You may share TWO recipes this week. 
  2. The party is shorter. It ends Friday night at midnight. 
  3. Commit to yumming EVERY recipe at the party, please. 
You can even revisit after Friday night to keep yumming if you have to but please make the effort to reach everybody. In theory, if we have 25 guests participate, every recipe should get yummed 25 times!  If the "yum thing" is not working out when you visit a recipe, Plan B is to PIN the recipe but only if you cannot yum it! Capiche?

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