Ducks 'n a Row: Valentine Robots Kids Party Favors

12 February 2016

Valentine Robots Kids Party Favors

This adorable little party favor is easy to make and delicious to eat. Valentine Robots are made of a pudding or gelatin cup, juice box and packs of candy. Tape them together and, look at that - a sweet little robot!

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Every year I mix up the alphabetical order of our preschool letter themes when Valentine's Day comes along. This year we had just completed N is for Nest and I was not ready for O is for Ocean. I have some extra special plans for O week and do not want to short change it. P is going to be Planets. Oh my goodness, will these little guys ever get the alphabet back in its right order? We did Q is for Queen after N and it was time for our Valentine's Day celebration. V is for Valentine!

Our classroom party plans included exchanging Valentines, watching Joyce Meyer's adorable children's DVD "Pahappoey Island- What About Me?" and having homemade valentine cookies for snacks. 

My teaching assistant, Katie, surprised us all when she came in with homemade gifts for each of our 12 students: Valentine Robots! She had seen the idea on Pinterest from Crafty Morning. 

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How To Make a Valentine Robot Party Favor
Juice Box (body)
Heart Shaped Candy
Little Boxes of Candy (feet)
Plastic Spoon

Use tape to put the pieces together.
Where possible, make tape rolls so that the tape doesn't show however you may find you have to gird it up a bit more as the weight of it can make the robot a bit wobbly. 
Cute? Oh yes, it is cute and the kids in our class LOVED it.
Yours will too. ♥

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Make some Valentine Cookies to go with your little Valentine Robot Party.

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