Ducks 'n a Row: F is for Fish Preschool Craft

04 March 2016

F is for Fish Preschool Craft

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F is for Fish is a fun preschool theme where you even can actually have a little fishy friend come to your classroom! 

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Our class learned about many kinds of fish, where they live, what they eat ... i.e. "what's it like to be a fish?" We made this pretty craft to take home and did some sorting with Goldfish crackers, too. 

The nice thing about this craft is that it can go with other letter themes such as O is for Ocean  S is for Sea or U is for Under the Sea. 

F is for Fish Craft

Card stock paper (white and light blue)
Multi-Colored Copy Paper
White Glue
Glue Sticks
Child Safe Scissors
kids, crafts, alphabet, under the sea, sealife

This craft takes quite a lot of prep from the adult if it is going to be enjoyed by preschoolers (ages 3 & 4.) I think Kindergartners and 1st graders could do this easily themselves. (Let me know, teachers!)

  1. Print the Rainbow Fish Printable (link below) onto light blue cardstock. One copy will be your pattern. The other will be for the actual picture. I always do an example for my children to see so that they know what the goal is. I LOVE how childlike they turn out. I would be disappointed if they did look just like mine. 
  2. Cut out the pattern. You will want the tail to be one piece and the face to be another. Also cut out the upper fin and the two bottom fins. I laid them on red paper and cut them out to glue onto the fish on the actual picture.  Glue them on to get that part out of the way. 
  3. Print out circles onto various colors of paper. They will be the gills. I used a pop bottle cap as a pattern to trace around for my first one and that became the pattern for the rest. Cut them out and cut them in half. They will be glued on in layers, overlapping each other. Start at the back and layer them to the front. 
  4. Print some pictures of "sea weed" onto green paper. Just go to Google and click images. Then search "sea weed + clip art" and you will find a host of possibilities. Copy and paste the images onto a document, print and cut them out.
  5. Print eyes onto white cardstock. Same deal, search Google images for for clip art of eyes. Copy, paste, print and cut out. Be prepared, some preschoolers will stress out if they don't have TWO eyes. Good luck explaining that the fish DOES have another eye but it is on the other side! LOL I often lose that argument and just give them another eye. Anything to keep my little kiddos happy! 
  6. Complete the picture by adding fish stickers (or you could glue on some Goldfish crackers) and sea weed with a little glitter for pizazz! 

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fish, preschool crafts, kids, under the sea, ocean, STEM, ece

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