Ducks 'n a Row: How Are You Doing In The Social Media Game?

21 March 2016

How Are You Doing In The Social Media Game?

Bloggers, when you started writing did you have any idea what you were going to have to do to promote your work? I, for one, am very glad that today's social media platforms were not there when I started in 2010. Just getting my blog up and developing some writing skills was a big learning curve. I am so grateful I didn't have to deal with it back then. 
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My first social media discovery: not long after I started my blog I heard that I had to be on Facebook if I was ever going to make it. So, I signed up. But getting a Facebook account wasn't really doing it. My friends are my friends but most of them aren't my blog readers. That's when they said that I needed a Facebook PAGE. Why didn't they say that in the first place?   

So, I set up my Facebook page. Follow me! And it was a dream come true. I loved Facebook! We all were following each other and could SEE everyone's posts in our newsfeed and life was good. I worked it and worked it hard. 

I don't remember exactly when it happened - it's all a blur - but we all met with a big roadblock, didn't we bloggers? Algorithms! (I hate that word.) Yes, Facebook changed the rules and suddenly no one could see my posts anymore. It was a like a beautiful dream had died. Every platform, including the massive Google search engine, has gone through change after change. Ugh. Just when you think you're getting somewhere, they revise it again!
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But what about today? We all use social media a lot. We have to. We all have our favorites. Many of us are in the process of learning a new one or two, as well. 

There are ways to get more out of social media and it is our job to learn them, keep up with the changes and put our know-how to good use!

Have you found any nifty little ways to make them pay off for you? 

Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google+ - Instagram 

What else do you use?
Blog Hops - LinkedIn - StumbleUpon - Yummly - YouTube - Periscope ?

I have a few tricks that I have been putting into play. Some are bringing great results. Others? Well, I know I can learn how to do it better. Don't look to me for Instagram or Periscope. I don't have a grown-up cell phone,  yet! LOL

So, let's make this a real discussion.
I'll tell you my latest discoveries.
You tell me (us) yours!
Feel free to share links to your posts, if it is too much to say in the comments, but do give us a little taste of what we'll learn, if you do.

The 7 Sources Where I Get Most Of My Blog Traffic  
Facebook - yes, I am finally getting play out of Facebook again. I have three things I have started to do that have helped a lot.
1. Facebook Groups - I participate in Facebook groups. I join the ones that are design to promote each other's work. We commit to liking, commenting, sharing, yumming, pinning --- whatever the daily task may be. It works and I love the team element of us all joining together. I have enabled notifications on Facebook for those groups, too. That way I know when something new needs attention and it reminds me to go there. Without notifications, it will NOT happen.
2. Friending those who have liked or shared my Facebook posts. This was new to me. I couldn't understand why we'd want to follow someone's personal page. But this is a method to get to their Facebook PAGE. These are the people who are already interested in what you do and they are more likely to pay regular attention to your FB posts.  Just go to one of your posts that got activity and click on the names of those who liked or shared your post. Send them a friend request but also see if there blog name is easy to get at. If it is, follow their page too. Do it quickly so that they recognize that they do know you as they will be getting the request in YOUR name and not your blog name.
3. Pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page encouraging your new followers to hover their mouse over the Like button and click "Get Notifications" If they do that, they will get to see all of your new posts in their newsfeeds. Yipee! 

Twitter is my new favorite social media platform. It's fun and fast. Best beginner training for Twitter that I know of is Saira Perl's Twitter For Beginners. Pin it and bookmark it to go back to again and again. This is some of what I have learned so far...

1. SHARE: I've learned to share other bloggers' work on Twitter. I can retweet them but I prefer to take the time to share a link to their post with the image and tag the blogger so that they know I shared it! So, I do a little of both.

2. Decorate: Try to dress up your tweets with great images whenever you can. Tweets with images get retweeted much more often.

3. SHOW UP: Use a scheduler to set up tweets for times you cannot be online yourself. I just started using the free version of Hootsuite and I like it a lot. What a relief. I was tweeting myself into exhaustion. Brands love hiring bloggers with lots of real Twitter followers - people who like what you write - that tweet quality tweets regularly.  Follow me on Twitter? 

4. RETWEET: Use a retweeter to retweet tweets from bloggers whose work you admire and enjoy. Make a Twitter list of their Twitter handles and then go to RoundTeam and sign up for their free service. The retweeting takes place when you want it to and, after it is set  up, it is effortless.

5. Use hashtags! Hashtags are like magnets that draw people to your tweets. Because you have used a topic they were looking for, they probably will be interested enough to retweet you or click through. Article: Beginners Guide To Hashtags

Pinterest - I am just beginning to appreciate the true power of Pinterest. (Great tips from The Sits Girls: HERE!) I don't have enough know-how, yet, to give you many tips but two new things I have done are:

1. Set up a Ducks 'n a Row board as my first board. I pin every new post from my blog to it. Anytime I want to repin that image to another board, I will go to this original board and pin from there. Using this method has more potential to build up repins and likes that way. Pins with a lot of repins and likes get seen higher in Pinterest searches. 
2. I have set my pins to automatically post to Twitter. How? Just look for the little box at the bottom left of the image you are pinning. Click it. The pin will also tweet. It will stay that way until you unclick it so, if you don't want EVERY pin to get tweeted, pay attention to that. I have noticed many of my tweets from pins get retweeted. It is amazing-- they cannot even see what the pin looks like! But it works.
3. Board Descriptions. Search engines will find pinterest boards. If you have a clear, keyword rich description then Google or Bing or Yahoo may bring it up for the searcher. Be sure the board name makes sense, too. "Oh So Wonderful" is creative but tells search engines nothing. "Best Chocolate Cakes" says what it is! Follow me on Pinterest?

Google+ - some people think G+ is a dying platform. I do not agree. I love G+ I have found that my Google search presence improves when I write quality G+ posts. I write them as if they were appearing on Google in a search, using keywords early in the description. A Google+ expert to follow is Jimmie Laney. You can subscribe to get her FREE 6-lesson G+ course to learn much more about this great tool.  You will be GLAD! 

Yummly - Yummly is a recipe box. When you set up your Yummly account and "yum" (click the yum button) a blogger's recipe, it gets stored in your recipe collection. The value is the volume of people that use it. You will be amazed at the traffic your recipes will get. Add a Yum button to your blog for readers to use. A good recipe with a great image attached can get hundreds of hits a day. I mean it! That's why we started the Recipe Sharing Party on my blog (starts Thursday mornings 9am ET) All food bloggers will love it. We yum and pin every recipe. Article: Yummly, A Food Blogger's Dream Come True

StumbleUpon - I read a post a while ago from a relatively new blogger who said her traffic increased exponentially after she started using StumbleUpon. All I can say is, she was right. I have had a couple of posts go viral on SU. Takes very little work for big dividends.

Blog Hops - if you are a blog hopper, you can probably attest to this. When I take some time off from blog hopping, my stats show it. They go down!! Blog Hops are such a good way to keep up on creative ideas all over and get yours in front of others. Be friendly. Don't just post and run. Pin, share, comment (yum if it is a recipe) and tell the hostess you are so glad to be there. Ducks 'n a Row hosts 3 parties each week. They start on: Sundays 3am ET Happiness is Homemade, Tuesdays 7pm ET Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop (our biggest by far) and Thursdays 9am ET The Recipe Sharing Party. Hope you'll stop by!

So, now we want to hear from you.
Where do you get most of your traffic?
Got any tips or tricks you can share with us that work for you?
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